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This Economy is Killing Us!!

Updated on January 16, 2012

I recieved a phone call from my oldest son last night, he is 41 years old. He is in Texas and I am in New Hampshire. He has a lawn service that he has done very well with for the last 10 years. But as fate would have it the economy fell in the ditch and his loyal customers started calling and canceling their weekly or bi-weekly service with him, then there is the drought there now that has hung on for many months and is suppose to continue into this year. So he had to find work outside of his business. It was hard for him, as so many employers are keeping their staff to a minimum, but he did find a job that is an hour from his home, and the pay isn't enough but at least he is working and making the effort. So things have been steadily going down hill for him.
Let me explain something to you about my son. He is a hard working family man and enjoys taking care of his family. He has a big heart and loves his wife, as all men should love their wives, completely and wholeheartedly. It took him a while to grow up and become responsible but at the ripe age of 30 he did just that. He turned his life around and became a great Dad and a awesome husband. I am very, very proud of my son. How many of you are honest, hard working people, yet struggling? Your mind doesn't rest so your body doesn't either.
Having said all that I will get back to the phone call. He called and just needed to talk to me and I asked him what was wrong. He started crying so hard it broke my heart. He said that they have pawned everything of value just to keep their heads above water and it has been a constant struggle for them for months now. They are both working, and he has applied for night time work as well, but neither have a good paying job, but they ARE working. He has a gas guzzling truck that he has to fill up twice a week just to get to the job that does not pay much. But he has to have that truck to take care of the few customers he has left. So in essence between the two of them they have three jobs. And still not enough income to keep his mortgage and bills paid. He told me it would be so easy to just check out of life. His words were, ' It would be so easy!!' This scares the hell out of me, how many others are thinking the exact same thing??
I know some of you have read other hubs of mine on suicide and know how it broke my heart when my Dad commited nearly 24 years ago. But this is my son, my flesh and blood and it sent chills down my spine to hear him say those words. I begged him not entertain such thoughts. I told him it would devastate his wife and children and break my heart to know that my big hearted son would no longer be here for me to talk to or laugh with. I told him something I have lived by for many years and that is, ' Don't give up 5 minutes before the miracle'! And trust me, I know this easier said than done!
I tried to explain to him that times are very tough right and many are going through similar situations that he and his wife are going through. Life is hard and sometimes we have to weather the storm and let God calm the storm in us even when the storm is raging around us. It's tough but the alternative is not the answer. I love my son with everything in me, he is funny, he is responsible, he loves deeply and he feels deeply, just like his Mom. He is very strong and very strong willed, he takes no crap off of anyone, he is straight forward but very respectful, he is honest and kind and a very hard worker, he takes pride in what he does. So many wonderful traits, yet now he feels less of a man because he has fallen behind in his finances and is struggling to take care of his family and his home.
How many of us have been there?? How many of us are there now?? I would guess more than any of us would care to think about. So many losing their homes, families destroyed, hearts broke and lives shattered because of this failing economy. What do you do?? What do you say?? I know that many are asking themselves, do we save the house, save our vehicles? After all the savings is gone and there is nowhere else to turn. I can understand how the fight gets to be to much. Every morning we get up and head for our jobs with the bills on our minds, how will we afford groceries this week? How will we put gas in our cars, keep the house warm? All questions I am sure each and every one of us have asked.
We read it the paper, hear it on the news every day. Yet we know, in each of our households, how hard it is these days. Then we hear that our President spent 4 million dollars on a Christmas vacation. Can you imagine that? I feel he could have had the common decency to us as Americans to keep that out of the press when so many of us are struggling to put food on the table and buy a few gifts for our loved ones, let alone go on a extravagant VACATION!
This is my son coming to me with suicide on his mind because, he is so weary of the constant day to day struggle in his mind and in his home. It makes me very angry that he, like many others, have been pushed into a corner that seems no way out of except to end it. And I know too that although he is not your son, and the many that we hear of that take these drastic actions are not even related to you or I, but they ARE someones son or daughter, or husband or wife or father or mother or friend.
My son is better today, it helped him to talk to me and let his feelings out. I am glad that he knows he can talk to me and cry, I think very highly of him and very proud to be his Mom. Sometimes it takes that good cry to relieve that pressure. But I just wonder how many do not have anyone to turn to, we all need each other in this day and time, to support each other in anyway we can, to say hey I am here for you, lean on me. That's what we do as Americans, as families, as friends.
So what are we going to do about our economy??? We have to get out and let our voices be heard. We have to shout to the world we are tired of this and we want better for our country, for our people, for our towns, for all the families, for our children, that will one day be out in the working world trying to make a life for themsleves. If we don't take a stand now I feel very sad that we will see more and more of what my son was thinking of doing and the great spirit of the people will be oppressed and we will be just a shell of what this country once was! We have to come together as a UNITED country and stand up for what we believe in, stand up for each other, stand up for what is right. I know that it is to late for many, but I pray that we can do enough to put an end to this economy that IS literally killing us. What will you do??


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    • Bruce Clark profile image

      Bruce Clark 

      6 years ago

      US election is coming up. People must scrutinize who's more worthy to be chosen as President to help alleviate the falling economy. Yes, it's very frustrating when businesses are not doing well. But, everyone has to continue to diversify or re-strategize the because to keep it alive. This is one serious topic for discussion. Thanks for bringing this up.

    • singlmomat52 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks Dim for reading my Hub. I spoke to my son 2 weeks ago and he now has a new job and we spoke of what I said to him, ' Don't give up 5 minutes before the miracle', and he said your right Mom but I wish it had taken only 5 minutes and not 2 1/2 months. We laughed but he embraced what I said and found peace. God bless you to my Friend!! xxxxxxx

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      6 years ago from Great Britain

      A wonderful, thought provoking hub that strikes at the heart of many of us.

      It i a beautiful thing that you have kept such a good relationship with your son. He knew who to call.

      As for the mess of this world in general. Words fail me. I liked your thought . Don´t quit , just before the miracle. Thank you . God bless you.

    • singlmomat52 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank you for your comment. It is true that people should be more clever and I believe that we should check out the potential candidates thoroughly before jumping to any conclusions and just votong for whoever. Times are tough but it seems that many, so many, just want handouts and will vote for the one who will give them just that. I have worked all my life and still live paycheck to paycheck rather than sit back and live off of others. Something has to give and it seems a tug of war that the hard working people are losing. Thank you again for stopping in reading my Hub!! Blessings!!

    • move2move profile image


      6 years ago

      It isn't normal that people are "FORCED" to have 3 Jobs all together .. just to make a living ..?! Something is very wrong with the system and it's similar everywhere, even here in Europe. Oh my dear, I can hear you and a lot of us reading you here, me included, are with you and your family. You are right, your son indeed shouldn't give up just 5 minutes before the miracle. Problem is that when it comes to the US politic and economy, both are way too much bound together when they actually shouldn't! That in itself is the guaranteed road to unavoidable modern slavery people are in right now almost everywhere in the world. I mean .. just go online and partly see on TV to have a picture, in spite of the obvious Disinformation propaganda that runs day in, day out on the daily channels. And in politics ... people are choosing "AGAIN" morons but don't elect the one for example who makes totally sens in this circus: Ron Paul! Fact is, that all the other candidates are pawns for the "Business as usual"-Mode that keeps up the situation of people loosing their homes & jobs no matter how hard they work and let people be told by incapable Ex-presidents like G.W. Bush (..just to name an example..) that they are true & real Americans when they run 3 jobs just to make a living that isn't even decent? That's an insult to any honest working man and woman and that's open but covered slavery; people in general just don't really get it yet. Concerning Bush, he really said that once on TV to a woman and that should give to hardly think to anyone. But anyway, that's where we should as people really start to become cleverer, smarter than the state, than political systems and work "Smarter", not "Harder"!!

      What of course might be a challenging issue when you've been raised to believe & think otherwise, that hard work will bring you a very good living & provide you with everything, when nothing is further from the truth these days. Yes indeed, 200 - 100 years ago til the beginning of the last century eventually when the 1st free US-Citizens were still kind of free to make a living on their own and the economy wasn't based on growing Dept to the people, making them dependent from a system that is designed that way ...! To get out of such a society is the reason why the US came into existence in a 1st place, but I don't tell you something new here :-)!

      Now, truth is there's enough for anyone on the whole planet to make a seriously comfortable living without too much exaggerated effort, at least not one that kills you in the process ...!

      I give you 4 Links to give you some insight about what I mean and that there are ways out of all this.

      The 1st Video is an Interview from Catherine Austine Fitts, former assistant secretary of Housing under G.W. Bush and what goes on in the US:

      A very smart, intelligent and loveable woman, really!

      The 2nd Video is about Ron Paul, what he is all about &

      why people would be real fools not to elect him, the last point just being my personal view about it:

      But you should even know better than me about all this..normally..

      The 3rd Video is about a very smart guy who changed his condition some times ago. His name is Vishen Lakhiani, from Malaysia and was in difficult situation, just like the most of us right now. He shows and explains how and why "Happiness Is the New Productivity". What you must point out here is what the mindset is and where it comes from. Under that perspective, you should take a look into the Silva method of Jose Silva and so should your son, that really is factor that might change the game.

      But 1st, Vishen Lakhiani:

      The 4th Video:

      ... Is going to be yours/your son's to turn! Or anyone who's reading this but might eventually not see better and healthier alternatives to have a better life. And yet, there's way out of this mess! The shift comes in a change of strategy! And nobody can or should represent us for this when we can do it ourselves.

      I just hope this makes sense to you and also might help your son a bit. But change is on its way; he should just keep his head up, no matter how hard the situation is right now!

      You (your son) will have to build that link, where you know what's going on at any time, know the best possible alternatives to gain back your freedom and have no necessity to rely on bad paying jobs or any institution that doesn't help you to get where you want.

      Fear just is the worst of all adviser. How to get out of that kind of fear-zone?

      One 1st step is to do what I just did, things that do not especially require money at all and even might be priceless as soon someone tries to put a price tag on it:

      "Help Others the best way you can help :-)"

      That has the advantage to let you feel deeply and strongly where your own power resides ..

      You just have to dare tapping into it ;-)


    • singlmomat52 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Dewey I always look forward to your comments. And yes, LOL, that is a very goo d product to invent but do you think they would use it???? I think they need to desparately because the stench is getting stronger each day!! Thank you so much for reading my hub and I pray that things get better for all of us very soon. Blessings!!

    • singlmomat52 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank you for your heartfelt comment your cybersister. It is tough today and it makes it even tougher when it touches your children because it's times like this when you feel helpless and you just want to grab hold to them and say ' hang in there, I know it's tough but just wait, this too shall pass'. Thanks again and Blessings to you and yours.

    • Dewey Cheatem profile image

      Dewey Cheatem 

      6 years ago

      Once again SinglMom you write from the heart and touch me. I see the people struggling as well. Many from my own family. I cannot blame one party for the failure of our politicians to act on the behalf of working folks like ourselves. The only thing I see in each of the politicians I read about is their commitment to getting themselves re-elected. I believe I need to invent some kind of product. Something like... Summer's Eve for congress.

    • your cybersister profile image

      your cybersister 

      6 years ago from Just relocated from Florida to the mountains of North Carolina

      My heart goes out to both you and your son. It is so sad for people in this country who are trying so hard to do all the right things to have to struggle through everyday. I live on Florida's "Space Coast", so I know how bad the economy in this country is right now - it's dreadful. I keep reading that it's improving - I'd sure like to know where. In Washington D.C. maybe?

      You gave your son good advice. I'm glad he is feeling better. I hope things start looking up for him soon. It is so hard to keep puting one foot in front of the other day after day when it's "one step forward, two steps back". He's lucky to have a mom like you to turn to when he's discouraged.


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