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Three Tips for Finding Valuable Things around the House to Pawn for Cash Loans

Updated on January 20, 2012

One main misconception is that pawn shops are designed to buy your stuff, give you money for it and be done with it. But pawn shops used to be one of the more popular ways that people got cash loans for emergencies. You can still take your valuable items to pawn shops and they will hold it for a period of time as collateral. If you decide you want it back, you can buy it back when you have the money. Here are two tips for finding valuable things that you can pawn for emergency cash loans.

Disconnect Emotionally
If you are looking for things around the house to pawn or sell for a cash loan, you will need to be able to part with some of the stuff that is near and dear to your heart. You won’t be able to make the money you need to make if you only choose the junk that nobody else wants. Break out those coins that your grandfather gave you or that first edition Ernest Hemingway book passed down from your uncle. If it means that much to you, come back and buy the stuff back before it goes up for sale at the pawn shop.

Be Realistic
One thing to keep in mind when collecting things to pawn is that it is not always worth money just because it is old. That 100 year old typewriter you have sitting in your closet may seem like it is valuable, but if there isn’t a market for it, the pawn shop won’t offer you much for it. Keep your search to stuff that has some actual value for collectors or something that people want to buy at a discount. Video game systems, musical instruments and things like that should be easy to pawn for emergency cash loans.

Take the Items in "As-Is"
Many people have good intentions of cleaning their old antiques before taking them to the pawn shop. However, there are many times when they clean the stuff wrong and it can hurt the value of the items. Instead, take the antiques into the pawn shop just as you find them. This way, you don't risk decreasing their value by using the wrong cleaning product.


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    • RunAbstract profile image

      RunAbstract 7 years ago from USA

      Great article for today's economy. Also people without safety deposit boxes can pawn a valuable item on the cheap, and pay a small renewal fee to keep it locked away from thieves!