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Tips for Teens: Making Money During the Summer

Updated on May 15, 2013

Summer is great. Having three months off of school to go to the pool and hang out with friends is great, but it can also be a great drain on you or your parent's finances. Here are some tips and tricks to making money during your summer vacation.

Disclaimer: You are actually going to have to work! No cheat codes or get rich quick schemes here, just honest work.

Tip 1: Cut Grass

Ever since I was old enough to safely operate a lawn mower I was out cutting my own lawn to earn my allowance. My neighbors would see me out there working hard and eventually a few began to offer to pay me to help maintain their yards. I took advantage of this opportunity and printed out some flyers with my phone number on them that explained the services I offered, and sure enough, several neighbors called me. At about an hour per yard I could usually make 25 dollars, tax free! Doing several yards a week gave me a steady cash income all summer long.

Tip 2: Get a part time job

Many restaurants and boutiques will hire summer workers. Other places to check are popular summer attractions, such as swimming pools and museums. A museum might not sound like the most exciting place to work, but some fun ones like The Magic House and The City Museum in St. Louis are great examples of fun places to work that have heightened traffic during the summer and are usually looking to hire seasonal employees.

Tip 3: Babysitting

Like cutting grass, babysitting is a great way to make non-taxed cash income. While this may be a less consistant source of income, it is easy and you get paid in cash. This is sometimes a more difficult way for guys to make money, but girls can easily ask family friends or neighbors with young children if they need a babysitter and make easy money.

Tip 4: Make money online

This is probably the most difficult in terms of time required to get started, but it is possible to make some money online by using sites such as HubPages (which you clearly know about since you are reading this article!),, or I do not recommend this as a main source of income but if you find yourself with a lot of free time, this could be a way to supplement your existing income.

Tip 5: Use artistic skills

Many towns and cities will often have art festivals or town fairs where they sell vendor spaces. If you are artistically gifted you could try creating something to sell at one of these festivals. This would require starting capital to buy supplies, but if it is something you are passionate about you could make a little bit of money by doing this.

Have any tips or tricks of your own? Have any questions? Comment them below!

How do you (or did you) make money during your summer break?

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