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Tips on How to Save Money Over Time

Updated on April 25, 2013

Scrooge McDuck in the Money Vault

Scrooge McDuck skiing on money
Scrooge McDuck skiing on money

Tempted to Empty the Piggy Bank?


Origin & Definiation of the Word "Save"


The word save comes from the Latin word salvus, meaning "safe"; Late Latin coming from the word salvare.


Late Latin word salvare (a transitive verb)

  1. to save, to rescue, to retrieve, to deliver
  2. to save, to guard, to safeguard, to protect, to defend

Saving Money Isn't Easy

Nobody said that saving money is easy, but it is a very important habit to learn.

The cartoon character Scrooge McDuck is one of the best savers of money. He saved so much money, that he filled a vault with it for his own personal pleasure. He would go to his money vault on a daily basis for a swim in his gold coins. Scrooge loved money so much, that it was his downfall on numerous occasions.

Scrooge McDuck was able to save so much because he was very frugal. He didn't want to give away his money when he didn't have to. He would always buy the cheap alternatives.

Now I don't advocate being stingy or cheap, because that won't get you anywhere in life. But I do advocate being smart and making smart decisions that will allow you to save money.

Not being a slave to money is Biblical advice. Money is only a tool that we need to live in our society. The act of making money should not come before serving God. The Bible even says that the borrower is slave to the lender.

Would you consider yourself a slave to someone else because of debt?

So let's teach you how to master money.

If you learn how to save money, then you can be prepared for the future and any emergencies that might arise.

The only way that one can actually save money, is to not spend it. That means you need to insert coins into your piggy bank and let it grow. At some point, you will need to increase the amount you save, and put dollars away.

Ways to Save Money

  1. Set the money aside from regular income.
  2. Find ways to reduce daily expenses.

The best way to not spend it, is to set the money aside if you are going to save a portion of it.

Here's a quick example: If you are a writer for Hubpages. Hubpages has a payout threshold of $50.00. Before you are actually paid the $50.00, then you must decide beforehand how much you want to save. If it is $10.00, then once you are paid, then move this money to a savings account that you will not touch.

Next, find ways to reduce your daily expenses.

Here's some examples:

  • Buy large quantities of toilet paper or paper towel in bulk.
  • Buy hair clippers and cut your own hair versus monthly hair appointments.
  • Switch from toilet paper to wet wipes (can be bought at dollar store).

Once you have figured out ways to reduce your daily expenses, less money will go out of your regular income toward those expenses. Then, take the savings and set it aside into a savings fund or account.

Don't Break the Bank


The Alternative to Saving Money...

The alternative to saving money is not saving money. It is not a very good alternative. If you take a look at the lifestyle of those that do not save money, it is not a good lifestyle.

When tragedy or emergency comes their way, the people without savings have to borrow money from others or take out credit. Eventually, the debt builds up, and they cannot pay all of the bills.

These types of people are easy victims of "Get Rich Quick" schemes and may even turn to desperate methods to make money.

Are you really willing to compromise your morals because you didn't save your money in the first place?

Arnold Says...


Saving Money Requires Discipline

Nobody said saving money was an easy task. It is not.

As Arnold Schwartzenegger says: "You lack discipline!"

When you have money set aside, you have to tell yourself that it is not available to spend. If you think that you have that money for buying goodies, then you will not be able to save. Not now. Not ever.

Time Equals Money


Time is Your Friend

If you are trying to save money, time is a good thing. Over time, money accumulates. The hard thing is not to spend this money.

One easy way to do this is to put your money into a CD or account where you cannot take the money out without a penalty.

Let the money build up interest, and keep growing. If you do this, time is on your side.

Again, if you allow yourself to spend this money on quick pleasures, you will end up withdrawing the money, and face penalties.

If you set your money aside - and let it grow unhindered - you will have a real savings fund, and that is something to be proud of.

Tips to Save Money


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