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Tips on How to Successfully Make Money through Garage Sales or Yard Sales

Updated on November 24, 2013
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A lot of us will find some time of the year to do some cleaning in our homes and find some clutters that could be sold for some extra dollars. But here are tips on how to make your trash into cash - successfully sell your old stuff through a garage sale.


First off, you have to advertise. You must be able to publicize your garage sale - the more customers that know about it, the more chances that your garage sale will be profitable. Market it in such a way that neighbours and adjacent communities will learn about the yard sale. You can do advertising through banners, tarpaulins and even through the internet like Facebook, Twitter, and even Craiglist. Moreover, you can publish it in the local newspaper of you can make use of websites that are designed to advertise garage sales that you can simply find through searching in Google.

Plan, plan, plan!

Secondly, you must plan your garage sale properly. Be handy by preparing coins and smaller bills because you will have a lot of changing to do. You can also utilize a belt bad so that you can easily grab on your money and you can be sure that your earnings are kept safely. Be prepared with batteries, and power packs and cords in case electronics should require testing. Also, prepare paper bags, cellophanes and cartons that you can provide for the items bought by your customers. Set it on a day that most people in your area are available – holidays, weekends and more. Also, start on time, so that customers won’t have to wait around.

Price Appropriately

Third on the list is to make sure you do the pricing of the items appropriately. Despite the fact that most items can really have some sentimental value to you, they are still considered second-hand items on a yard sale. You must remember that your customers are in it for the best deal. When you still have a lot of items left, it may be best to consider that you may be unreasonably pricing the things you are selling. Thus, try to check out the current selling prices though the web days prior to the sale.

Know The Trend

Fourth on the list is to be aware of what sells to most consumers. You must be knowledgeable of what appeals most to your target market. Usually yard sales buyers are more adept to buying pre-used kitchen items, furniture, sporting items, and tools. Children’s’ toys and games can be ideal when they are still in their good condition, as well as children’s clothes. Collectible items are not as sellable as they are usually purchased through online shops.

Sell Presentable Items

Lastly, Make sure your presentation of the items is presentable. You don’t expect customers to buy things that come along with dust and spider webs – things are usually common to old stuff stacked in our storage and stockrooms. Also, make sure you are ready when customers are inquiring about the product, which basically means that they are interested in buying it. Make sure your customer service skills are at hand. Ultimately, customers are bound to purchase the presentable items and this will mean more profit in your end.

Follow these garage tips aforementioned and you will sure to gain a lot of money on your garage sale. Just follow these tips and you are sure to turn your trash into cash.


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