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Tips on how to make money online and offline to get rich quickly and easily - part 1

Updated on January 29, 2013
Heaps of money making ideas.
Heaps of money making ideas. | Source

There are almost more than a million queries about "how to make money online" every single month in the search engines. Most of the people are fed up with their current job and they want to be rich quickly and resign from the job. Out of those million peoples one of them is me too. I don't want to rely on my parents wealth and want to do something myself. For that reason, I have been checking different sources about how to make money online and offline easily.

Here, in this post, I'll be continually adding lists that I have found and the ones that I'll discover in the future. But for now here is a short list.

Writing on revenue sharing websites like Hubpages.

If you like writing, then there are so many websites nowadays that operate as revenue sharing (sharing some amount of money that comes from your writing with you). You need to check which ones are very popular and trust worthy before writing for anyone. Most of the times the page rank and alexa rank of the websites helps to give you some idea about the popularity of the website. Some of the popular websites which share revenue that I know currently are Hubpages, Squidoo, Helium.

I joined hubpages 3 months ago but started to write something since last week, and yes, I am making something everyday.

Make money on Youtube

It's one of the most effective way to make money online. You do so many things in your life, such as you may have kids and they do amazing things, you may have some pets who do funny things that you can share or you can train them to do something for you. You can capture all those moments and easily start uploading videos to your youtube account. There are so many video ideas you can choose. If you are a good teacher you can record yourself explaining on topics that interests you. If you are dancer, you can upload your dance videos. Singers can sing, Designers can show how to design, programmers can create tutorial videos and the list goes on an on. After you have some videos on your account, you could be eligible for ad monetization or partnership. Then you will see the value of your videos.

Embed Youtube videos on your website

You can buy domain and hosting and have your own video site. Don't worry you don't need big space because you are not allowing people to upload videos. You are just pulling related videos and display on your website. If you do good seo optimization, your website can come on search result even before youtube result. So, lots of traffic and lots of revenue from ads like google adsense. I have one similar website. If your website becomes popular, then you can allow people to upload video. Ad revenue covers the cost to run those website plus there will be a lot for your wallet too.

Create a feed submit website

Another good idea for automation of your web content is creating a website where people can submit there RSS feeds. You will display content from there feeds giving backlink to those websites. There are so many websites who like to submit their website feeds for more exposure to the community. They get exposure and backlink and you get lots of content which results in pulling a lot of traffic resulting in a lot of ad revenue. When your website becomes popular you can charge people to make their feed featured on homepage or sidebar.

Create a website ranking/valuation website

You can create website ranking and valuation type of website where you will slowly add websites on your list but if people want to add their website then put some fee to include them or mention it will take months to approve free ones as there are 1000s of websites on the queue. I have set onetime $25 fee and people are happy to pay. Not only from fee, you can make money from google adsense too. But always try to approve site manually because if you include website that is not allowed by adsense then your account will be closed and you will loose all your unpaid earnings.

Republish twitter tweets and account profiles

Another automation website idea is to pull twitter accounts and their tweets. This is a bit risky for your adsense because people tweet different things and adsense might find offensive. So, you can manually approve accounts or put some word filters to filter out some words and links. When you republish tweets, you need to mention that you are displaying twitter feeds and you are not affiliated with twitter. Also, I have read somewhere that you need to have direct link of those profiles and tweets to twitter's original urls.

There will be more ideas on next part, so stay tuned.


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