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Tips on how to save money at Amazon

Updated on July 10, 2009

1.      Buy during summer

Buy books and guide during summer.  Buy winter clothes during summer as they will be more expensive during winter time, at this time summer clothing will be more expensive always check for the alternatives to what you want to purchase. Check on summer products during this time and note the supplier of these products, check out their stores for more affordable prices

2.      Buy during Winter

Buy summer clothing during winter time, avoid winter clothes and products as most of them will increase prices, and always check for the alternative before any purchase is done. Check on winter products during this time and note the supplies as you can make an order directly from them

3.      Buy during Valentine

Buy valentine products during this time as you will have the ability to choose from many sources, the reasons as to why you should buy during valentine is that most valentine products are perishable items like flowers, and during this time is when you will be able to get the best out of your money, get good quality product and more sale will be on the air. Love books can be purchased before valentine since most of these books are already in the market, during this time there is a rush to buy hence demand might exceed the supply resulting into you missing this books and risk of prices being increased

4.      Buy during Christmas

Buy gifts and cards during Christmas time, since there are varieties of these products in the market, good competition during Christmas keep their prices affordable. Other items like book are normally available and can be bought at any time to avoid the last minute rush, these will save you time and with time save money too is saved

5.      Buy during mother’s day

During mother’s day we have many products like books for moms, gift for moms on sales, also note the company offering these products as you can buy from them directly, these will save you some penny

6.      Use your calculator

Always be with your calculator when doing shopping online, it will help keep you within the budget


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    • Philipo profile image

      Philipo 8 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice tips. Thanks