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Tips on saving money while living on your own

Updated on June 3, 2016

Deciding to Live On Your Own

If you are planning in renting an apartment and decides to start living on your own and wonder how you can save money, you need some basic information and ideas on how to handle your everyday life while living without the help of your parents.

Living on your own means the authority in budgeting your money for rentals, groceries and payments for other bills will be yours. You will now considered as the primary decision maker.
This could be hard if you don't know how to change your lifestyles when you are still living with your parents. Some lifestyles we have may include buying expensive clothes, go out and party every weekend with our friends or colleague, eating out on a fancy restaurants and many others. We have these lifestyles because we are not worried about the monthly bills, rentals and the food we eat everyday because our parents provides most of it. I'm sure you are most likely to share a small amount of penny with them.

So, now that you have left your parents and already transferred at your apartment. Let me show you some usual questions you need to pay attention for to make you realize how they're affecting your plans to save money.

Are you a party goer?

When your friends invites you going out for a party, do you always go along with them?

If your answer is "yes", then, your chances to save money is low. Of course we need to go out with our friends sometimes to nurture our social life but it should not be always. There should always be a limitation for that since you are now living on your own. You can go out once in a while but not most of the times. Maybe once in month is good. Don't take a risk. Think how much money you will spend if you go out. And even if you think you have an excess money for every time they ask you to go out for a party, it's better to save it than spend it for one day.

Do you usually buy expensive things rather than the cheaper ones?

"Expensive brands of clothes, shoes and other related items have higher qualities than those of cheaper items." Don't believe on that sayings. There are so many cheap branded products with good quality you can choose from in some stores.
Based on my experience, some cheaper branded products lasts longer than those of expensive brands.

Are you ready for a grocery shopping?

When you are still living with your parents, I'm sure you often notice your mother carrying bunch of grocery items every pay day. Our parents usually buy items on groceries such us canned food, rice, soaps, shampoos, detergents, condiments, seasonings and many more. They buy these items because they're always used.

Now that you are living on your own, you need to learn buying on grocery stores. But don't buy anything you want, buy the most important items you need for one month.

Tip: Take advantage on some grocery stores who "sells buy one take one", "buy these and get a free item", or items on sale.

Can you cook for yourself?

If you don't know how to cook, well, it's time for you to start studying some basic cooking lessons. Cooking your own food can help you save more money than buying them on the stores. You can bring your own food at your work which will cost you less than buying on the pantry. You can google some basic recipes on the internet and learn them.

Do you know how to wash clothes?

Bringing your clothes to a laundry shop and let them do the job is quite wise. You can save time and energy but I think doing it on your own is little bit better if you want to save money. Just make sure you know how to wash your clothes. You can buy bigger packs of detergent and fabric conditioners at the grocery. You will able to wash clothes many times just learn how to take control on the amount while using them. Make schedules in washing your clothes. Either every weekend or twice a month.

See this video on how to wash clothes by hand

There are so many tips on how to save money while living on your own and these five questions are basically one of the most important things you need to know to help you save money.


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