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Tips to Make Your Child’s Future Better

Updated on November 4, 2016

What Role Does Child Development Play?

The early years of life play an important role in a child’s overall development, according to neurological research. The first five years not only play a vital role in the child’s social, physical and mental growth, but are also crucial for the parents. They have to switch from their carefree lives to a more responsible world, where all their decisions are made keeping in mind the impact on the kid.

In one of his articles, James J. Heckman mentioned that learning begins at infancy. Indeed, it does and this phase also helps you bond with your newborn. Parenthood is likely to bring lot of changes in you. The baby’s growth is somewhere dependent on how fast you adapt to the changes. How can you ensure better future for them?

Give Them a Good Education

First of all, education doesn’t mean bookish knowledge. You might be sending your kid to the best school in the town, buying them expensive books, etc., but that doesn’t guarantee good education for them. To make it happen, you need to help them develop all-round skills. Don’t enroll them in the best school in town, enroll them in a school that is best for them. A study published by the American Psychological Association stresses on the importance of play in early childhood education and the role it plays in the child acquiring various types of skills.

Keep Them Healthy

A report issued by the WHO revealed that more than 6 million kids under the age of 5 died in 2012 globally. This number comes down to 750 children every hour. Of these, about 20% of the deaths occur in India only with one in every 21 children born in the country being able to make it past 5.

The numbers might be scary but they do underline the importance of health for children at a young age. It includes getting them the right vaccinations at the right time, providing them good nutrition and getting them the right medical care when they are ill. A balanced diet helps the young ones to develop a good immune system which protects them from frequent illness. Of course, as a parent, you will attempt to ensure all this but what if you are no longer around?

Provide a Supportive Environment

Children have a tendency to observe and learn from the things that are happening around them and that is why it is important to maintain a good environment around them. The National Scientific Council of the Developing Child compared the development of the brain to constructing a house, stating, “Just as a lack of the right materials can result in blueprints that change, the lack of appropriate experiences can lead to alterations in genetic plans.”

So avoid getting into arguments in front of them, do not raise your voice or use any cuss words, Avoid watching any violent content on TV in front of them, etc.

Get Term Insurance

Getting to the financial part, every individual wants to see their family financially secure but how many of them actually do something about it? Surprisingly, only 1 percent of the people with a family income of more than Rs. 3 lakh in India have ensured protection for their family through insurance.

This puts your child in a corridor of uncertainty. There future is completely dependent on you and any mishap can have severe impact on them. Term insurance plans are one the best products available in the market that help you secure the financial future of your child, say experts at Bharti AXA.

A person can get a term insurance plan of Rs. 1 crore by paying as less as Rs 30,000 per year. So, ensure that while you are protecting your child’s present, you also plan ahead for their future.


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