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Top 10 Ways to Make a Living Online

Updated on May 16, 2012

With the economy in such a downward spiral, and so many unemployed, people are looking for alternative ways to bring in an income. I, myself, am a mother of a beautiful little girl who is about 10 months old. I don't think I have to tell you that kids are expensive, as well as daycare. I choose to be a stay at home mom while my child's father goes to work to help support us. I come from a family where everyone is expected to contribute, maybe not financially, but in some way. I personally did not feel as though I was being fair, I had to find a way to help bring in money to support us and to help us move toward a brighter tomorrow. I searched for what seemed like forever to find a good source of income only to find scam after scam, after scam. When I finally would find places like Hub-pages, the amount of income still wouldn't be enough. I finally realized that the way to make a regular income online was to use a variety of websites and not put all of my eggs into one basket. Below is a list of my top 10 (scam-free) money making opportunities online. I hope that these websites help you as much as they have me.

  1. You can create a free website on and use Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate links or other affiliate links to bring in a small amount of income. The good thing about Google Adsense, is there is relatively no upkeep, so long as you can find a way to continuesly drive traffic to your website you will see revenue.
  2. Use a article writing website like Hub-pages. If you create well-written articles you can create a portfolio and apply for freelance writing jobs.
  3. Use a website like Etsy or Ebay to sell things you create or re-purpose. Ebay opens the possibilities a little further, you can sell pretty much anything there while Etsy is only for hand-made or vintage items.
  4. is a website that connects companies with freelancers. You can design websites and/or graphics for companies, sometimes for quite a bit of profit.
  5. Use a survey taking website like Treasure Trooper or While they usually don't pay much per survey, this can be an easy way to make a few extra dollars.
  6. is an Amazon run program that allows you to make a little bit of money by doing simple tasks like surfing the web or doing a short survey.
  7. Write an E-book. You can write for a specific audiance, share experience that other people could benefit from knowing or just write because you love it. You can sell your E-book almost anywhere on the internet as well as on devices such as Amazon's kindle and in the iBooks store on the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone.
  8. Create an app. People are using devices such as the iPhone, kindle fire and other tablets more and more every day. As a user myself, I love searching for the next best app to hit the market. You can always try and even if you don't make the best app, you should see a few sales anyway.
  9. Tutor students online. Many people have a hard time with at least one subject in school. Maybe your strong-suit was math, find someone online that needs you, you can make an honest income with this if you are good enough.
  10. Refer people. Many companies pay you a commission for referring people to a certain website. While this can be somewhat dishonest at times (such as referring someone to a website you know is a scam), you can make quite a bit off of this if you can generate a fair amount of traffic.

I hope that you find yourself in a better place financially in the near future.


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