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Top 5 Revenue Sharing Sites

Updated on May 21, 2012

Revenue Sharing Websites to Earn (to Learn)

If you are a content writer, and you don't have any knowledge of SEO, coding and if you want to earn some good revenue out of your work, then revenue sharing website is the best option for you to earn money online. But revenue sharing websites are not only for earning money online, they teach us the proper ways to write content online. I learned many things from the forums of revenue sharing websites. Here I got information of keyword tool, proper format of writing articles, using legal images, best ways to promote articles and lot more. I think everyone should keep their own blog. But before you start blogging, you must get some experience in these revenue sharing websites.

These websites and their forums are like free training centers on the way of your journey to online content writing career. So if you want to enjoy your life without any restriction of time and money, you can make your career in content writing. And if you believe making career in content writing, start your career with a proper training. And revenue sharing websites exactly gives you this proper training.

In today's article, we are going to see the top 5 revenue sharing websites active on the internet. The list of these websites is based on my own experience and I believe, if you join these websites and write some articles there, you are definitely going succeed in your online career. let's start with our list.

Homepage of Hubpages
Homepage of Hubpages

Hubpages - My First Choice When it Comes to Revenue Sharing Websites

Three years ago, I never knew anything about revenue sharing websites. Then I came across Hubpages. I remember, in the beginning I found their publishing rules are strict. But now I feel, that's only because I was immature content writer. Now, It's my honest opinion that, Hubpages is less strict than Squidoo or any other content writing site. Hubpages gives you maximum revenue share (60%) compare to all other top revenue sharing websites. The staff working behind Hubpages is just brilliant. They are so kind and always think by the point of view of content writer. They always take care of their writers and they try to give them a good experience with a maximum potential.

How Revenue Sharing Works on Hubpages?

I wrote more than 100 hubs (articles) on Hubpages. And I get almost 1000 pageviews/day. So how revenue sharing scheme works here on Hubpages? Suppose I am getting 1000 pageviews/ day, then they serve their ads on 400 pageviews and our ads works on remaining 600 pageviews. Thus, it's actually not a revenue share, but the pageviews share. In long terms, we could consider it as a revenue share.

Hubpages supports Adsense, Amazon, eBay ads. If you don't get eBay account, don't worry! You can sign up for it under Hubpages! and eBay is now very very good Adsense alternative. They pay you per click. Hubpages also runs their own Earning Program. You have a choice! You can either chose to go with Hubpages Earning Program or you can stay out of it. It's up to you, what you think? what will work for you?

User Friendly Interface of Hubpages

Talking about interface. Hubpages has very good, user friendly interface. In Squidoo, you get "Module", Hubpages have their "Capsules". There are different types of Capsules. Amzon, eBay, RSS, Table, Text, Photo, Link, etc. The Text Capsule contains all the necessary tools like you get in Blogger. Overall, Hubpages have the best modern working interface. You don't need to have any coding knowledge.

There is one more best thing about Hubpages. You get "Subdomain" associated with your Hubpages profile. Thus, here on Hubpages, you get your own place. You have your own address to share with your family and friends.

When you sign up with Hubpages, do visit their forums. You will get a lot of things to learn over there. Join Hubpages today! and write some 100 quality Hubs there. Hubs published over Hubpages gets very good search engine ranking. You get lots of pageviews and Hubpages community also contributes in these pageviews. More pageviews, means more money! I am earning 200$/month here on Hubpages and each month I am earning more and more! You can read the success stories of Hubbers on the Homepage of Hubpages!

Homepage of Squidoo
Homepage of Squidoo

Squidoo - Create Beautiful Pages and Earn Money

There are two things that attract me to write on Squidoo. Squidoo have beautiful customizable pages and you don't need to have an Adsense or any other advertisement publisher account to earn. Squidoo is very popular revenue sharing website. Actually, Hubpages tries to help their Hubbers to earn more. But, on Squidoo, they give more importance to charity. They encourage writers to create beautiful pages to share with family, friends and the entire world. They think the money that you will earn from your work on Squidoo will be the bonus for you. They have a tier system to share Adsense earnings. In my opinion, this system can't give a proper justice to writers. But, they have their own limitations, as they are using their own Adsense account. They give you direct 50% share in all other affiliate earnings.

Why to Write on Squidoo?

I think, if you don't have the Adsense account, you should use Squidoo. For SEO and affiliate marketing, use Squidoo. If you are well settled in your life, and you want to create some great pages telling the story of your life, or if you want to give the information of your hobby, use Squidoo. If you don't much care about money, but want to create some amazing pages sharing your story or expertise, then Squidoo is best for you.

Interface of Squidoo

Squidoo is not much user friendly website. Squidoo need some basic knowledge of HTML to make lens (Article) more nice and useful. For example, just to insert a single link, you should know how to insert it in HTML language. I mean it's not difficult, but surely it's time consuming! The publishing rules of Squdioo are too strict that writers could discourage while working over here. Take the example of introduction image. Why there is compultion to insert an image? We don't own all that kind of images on which we write! We could use stock images! But, there is no any option to insert information related to those stock images. I mean, the link and credits of that image! So I guess they want the writers on Squidoo should be photographers and desktop publishing experts! Hey! But everyone can't become everything!

Limitations of Squidoo

Writing a lens is not enough here on Squidoo. They need you to edit those articles time to time. (Actually it's good but should not be compulsary!) Hubpages only suggests you some things that Squidoo makes you compulsory. The automatic system of Squidoo always flags your lens unnecessarily and you just have to go through the long process of appeal. I wrote 118 Hubs on Hubpages and earned about thousand dollars here. But, the publishing process of Squidoo is so discouraging that, my only 1 lens is live on Internet. After editing that lens, they flagged that lens too. After appeal, they made it live! (It took about a week!). I generally write on Internet related tools and websites, like Opera Mini, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Then why their automatice system flags my lenses? I am clueless! The only one thing I know is that my heart beats increase when I press the "Publish" button of my lens. Overall, Squidoo is one of the top websites in the world. But, not one of my favorite!

Hompage of Wizzley
Hompage of Wizzley

Wizzley - A Great Combination of Good Things in Hubpages and Squidoo

I recently signed up with Wizzley and I found this website very good. This website have the combination of all good features in Hubpages and Squidoo. The only thing concerns me is that it's Alexa Rank. This website has very low Alexa Rank compare to Hubpages and Squidoo. Maybe because this website is comparatively new. It would be interesting to keep an eye on the progress of this website. Wizzely have all those things that I want to see in a revenue sharing website. If I had lots of dollars in my hand, I would have loved to create a website like Wizzely.

Revenue Sharing System of Wizzley

Wizzley shares 50% revenue up to 50 Pages (articles). After 50 Pages, they share 55% of revenue with you. And when you write 100 Pages, they share 60% revenue with you. The revenue sharing system is identical to Hubpages. Means it's not actually a revenue share, but pageviews share. Wizzley have alternate method to earn for the people who don't have the Adsense account. They can use their Chitika account instead of Adsense. Hubpages don't have this option.

In Wizzley, you can design your Page, this option is not available here in Hubpages. Wizzley gives you the option to donate your money, but they never motivate you for that like Squidoo. Overall, Wizzley is one great combination of good things in Hubpages and Squidoo.

Homepage of Bukisa
Homepage of Bukisa

Bukisa - Average Revenue Sharing Website

Bukisa is also one option, when it comes to revenue sharing websites. The user interface of Bukisa is just average. Writing panel of Buskia do not have any modules or capsules. It is identical to writing pad of Blogger. The publishing rules are similar to Squdioo. When you click "Publish Content" button, there comes two options in front of you. You can either write an Article or create one How to Guide.

Revenue Sharing System of Bukisa

Bukisa shares 60% of the Adsense revenue of the articles that you have written. You just have to approve Bukisa with your Adsense account. If you do not have Adsense account, Don't worry! Buskisa have another alternative of Adsense, that is Chitika. Overall, Bukisa is one average revenue sharing website. All the three websites mentioned above have their affiliate programs, but unfortunately Bukisa do not have any affiliate program.

Triond Dashboard
Triond Dashboard

Triond - One Below Avarage Revenue Sharing Website

I was excited when I joined Triond, as they said that you can write here in any language. I wrote their in my native language and then I found that, I have to wait till they create one website in that language! And there was not any time frame for that. The articles you write on Triond are categorized and then get published on the websites in their network.

Troind Revenue Sharing System

You need to publish at least 5 articles, before integrating your Triond account with Adsense. Triond shares 50% of advertisement revenue with you. Triond also runs their own ads. The minimum payment threshold is 50$, if payment is made by check or Western Union Money Transfer. If payment is made via Paypal, the minimum payment threshold is $0.50. The 50% revenue share of your Adsense ads directly goes into your Adsense account. Like Bukisa, unfortunately, Triond also do not have any affiliate program.

Comparison of Affiliates Programs of Revenue Sharing Websites

Some of these websites have their affiliate programs. Hubpages and Wizzley shares 10% of the pageviews of the person you refer. That 10% comes from the 40% share of those websites. That mean, the person you refer gets his full 60% of share. You just have to be lucky to get one great writer under your referral.

The affiliate program of Squidoo is not so great! They gives you just $5 when the person you refer earns his first $15. On the other hand, Bukisa and Triond do not have any affiliate program.

Below is given a summary of revenue sharing system of all the websites mentioned above. The table will give the you the exact idea of each of those programs.

Summary of Revenue Sharing System of 5 Websites

Revenue Share Type
% of Revenue Share
50 for Affilliate, Tier System for Adsense
CPC Ad Networks
Hubpages Earning Program, Adsense
Adsense, Chitika
Adsense, Chitika
Triond, Adsense
Affiliate Program
10% Lifetime Pageviews
$5 when person you refer earns his first $15
10% Lifetime Pageviews

Comparison of Revenue Sharing System of Websites

I hope you found this information helpful. Share this information with your friends by using sharing options at the end of this hub.


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