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TradeKing Review

Updated on September 2, 2009
Tradeking is an Online Discount Broker
Tradeking is an Online Discount Broker

Online Stock Broker Reviews

Selecting a broker and opening an account is much like starting a bank account.  The biggest difference with brokers is that they differ so drastically from one broker to another.  When all brokers had offices the costs were about the same (much like brick and mortar banks are today).  Once you go online its a whole different ball game.  Because information travels so quickly online prices drop and investors win.

What's the difference between more expensive and discount brokers?
Most of the more expensive brokers claim better service, more robust tools, and reliability.  What they won't tell you is discount stock brokers offer almost the same thing.   One of the things that stands out is the cost of a broker assisted trade.  These historicaly have costed hundred dollars or more in the past.  With a company like TradeKing they offer this service at a fraction of the cost at $4.95 for a broker assisted trade.


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