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Personal Finance: Trading - Finding Stock Trading Software and Investment Management Courses

Updated on February 27, 2016

Todays Market


Truth Is

All of the mail I have received until today, offered some trading course for just under $500, which was supposed to make me jump for joy that there was some guru just waiting to preach some trading secrets to me from a podium.

Ugh. Doesn't that sound just dull, dull, dull? It does to me. The thought of sitting in a classroom and listening to some man in a suit expounding about the virtues of stocks moving up and down, just doesn't thrill me.

Don't Get Me Wrong

I do own stocks and I invest on a weekly basis. The idea of learning more about Power Trading, which apparently is the aggressive use of market timing to make large profits or income in any and all market conditions.

This is all well and fine, but, I have other interests.

Just Google Trading Once, You'll See What I Mean

There are online courses that you can take for free, every day. The keywords that people search for are online trading, stock trading, trading companies, trading post, day trading, trading definition. One year, I actually signed up for a game that you received a large sum of fake money, you traded it during the period of the contest and the participant who had the best trading gains, won a large sum of real money.

It wasn't my forte. But, I had fun while I learned.

Online Trading Academy

Trading for a Living

How About You

Do you do trading?

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Topics You Will Learn About

Investing in Any Market

Fear and Greed - Why they are Your Friends

Low-Risk and High Potential Opportunities

Risk Management

Personal Trading Plan

Short-Term Income and Long-Term Wealth

Real-time market Information

Think Like a Big Bank


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