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UK Income Protection Insurance for Security Personnel

Updated on November 20, 2015

UK-based income protection insurance is not considered of primary importance by a variety of workers, yet security officers really should take out this vital wage protection coverage. Most security officers face some real dangers every day and protecting income in the event of inability to work is essential for everybody.

What you need to know about Income Protection Insurance

To quickly summarise some key points, check out the following:

* Income protection insurance covers sickness or accidents

* Back to work assistance may follow a period of long term sickness

* Income protection payments are tax free and consist of a percentage of your typical earned income

Taking income protection insurance assures you that money continues to come into the household in the event of a serious accident or sickness. The necessity to pay regular bills doesn't stop if you are unable to work, so making provisions to counter the inability to work is the best way to handle this eventuality.

Times security personnel might need the added cover of Income Protection Insurance

Consider the following:

1. Sickness can happen any time. You might develop a serious condition affecting your abilities to work or remain mobile

2. Constantly driving to security sites can be dangerous. You may be a great driver but what about the other vehicles on the road? You run risks every time work entails driving at times when large numbers of people are returning home after socialising. A serious car accident may lead to long term sickness

3. Break-ins and robbery attempts can happen at sites any time, what would you do if you're attacked or beaten by robbers?

Why security officers should get Income Protection Insurance

Security personnel frequently work outside in all weather conditions, long term health can be impacted by work of this nature so income protection insurance is one way to handle this.

Your employer is only obliged to provide statutory sick pay if you're ill so the knowledge you are covered by Income Protection Insurance gives you and your family a vital safety net.

Finally, income protection insurances make sense for any worker but security guards need to consider taking out higher protection coverage due to the very real dangers that are faced on a daily basis at many sites.


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