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Unclaimed Money and Property

Updated on August 1, 2014

A few months back I was speaking to one of my co-workers and we got on the topic of the current economy and financial condition of our state (California). During our conversation, the we were discussing on how much money our State is holding of unclaimed money and property. Every state in the US has a type of account where money overages from vendors/financial institutions ect. is held until the rightful owner collects it.

So we decided to do a simple Google search and found the California's State Controller website for unclaimed money and property, where anyone can do a search of their name and find out if the State has money or property that can be claimed.

Have you searched your name for unclaimed money or property?

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Of course the first name I ran in the search was mine, but unfortunately nothing came up. The next person I searched was my sister, and was surprised to find out that she was owed $828.00. All she had to do is fill out a claim form online with personal information, sign it and mail it in. A month and half later she had a check for $828.00. The money was an overage from an escrow account during a real estate transaction. The escrow company that closed the transaction had gone under, so any money owed to people was sent to the State.

Unclaimed money - Treasure Hunt

unclaimed money
unclaimed money

The most common types of Unclaimed Property are:

  • Bank accounts and safe deposit box contents
  • Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and dividends
  • Uncashed cashier's checks or money orders
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Matured or terminated insurance policies
  • Mineral interests, royalty payments, trust funds, and escrow accounts.

Tips to keep your property from being turned over to the State.

Make sure to maintain your accounts active.

Maintain your information with you bank and financial institutions.

Cash refund checks, dividends, ect. as soon as possible.

Keep records of all of your accounts.

Interested in claiming your money?

Well, I did some research and compiled a list of every State's unclaimed money and property page, for anyone to check. When searching the database or your State, make sure to check family and friends. Below you can find the list for every State with a link to their unclaimed money and property page. One Helpful tip: check for money in every State that you have lived in.

Also if you've enjoyed this HUB or found it useful, please rate, comment and vote on the poll.

and please come back and post how much money you found.

Millions of Dollars that the States have on hold.

Illinois -

Indiana -

Iowa -

Kansas -

Kentucky -

Louisiana -

Maine -

Maryland -

Massachusetts -

Michigan -,4679,7-121-44435-293316--,00.html

Minnesota -

Mississippi -

Missouri -

Montana -

Nebraska -

Nevada -

New Hampshire -

New Jersey -

New Mexico -

New York -

North Carolina -

North Dakota -

Ohio -

Oklahoma -

Oregon -

Pennsylvania -

Rhode Island -

South Carolina -

South Dakota -

Tennessee -

Texas -

Utah -

Vermont -

Virginia -

Washington -

West Virginia -

Wisconsin -

Wyoming -


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    • TomRy profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from USA

      That's great for your friend. I'm glad that I could help.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hello, wanted to thank you. I am in Texas, and found $.49, but found $124 for my friend.


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