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What Is Term Life Insurance

Updated on February 16, 2016

Average Funeral Costs


Term Insurance Policy Is Easy And Simple.

What is Term Life insurance? It is an insurance policy that is easy, simple and the most well-known method of peace of mind that provides for settlement in the amount of money guaranteed on a loss of life, given the loss of life takes place while in the insurance plan period. In case you have survived to the conclusion of the time period of your expiration date, the insurance policy will come to an end and nothing is owed.

Term life insurance protection is an excellent place to start if you've never obtained life insurance protection before. These insurance plans are commonly more affordable than whole or universal life insurance policies, and they continue to deliver reliable security for a fixed amount of years.

Price Of Term Insurance

Once a decision has been made about the time period for the insurance plan, anywhere from ten years up to 30 years, the premium amounts will always be the same for the entire existence of the time period of the insurance policies.

You can pay the set costs month to month, every three months or every year. Most people today will purchase term life insurance because it is much more inexpensive and continue to guarantee your loved ones will be monetarily covered if you were to pass away. On the other hand, the price of term insurance protection typically goes up as you get more mature or as your overall health declines.

Understanding What Is Term Insurance


Term Life Insurance Protection

Term Life Insurance protection is the finest variety of life insurance protection to obtain for most circumstances. Whether the insurance protection is desired to safeguard your loved ones or a business enterprise. Term life insurance protection grants you the ability to purchase the total of insurance protection you basically will need at an incredibly affordable price.

The insurance policy holder will name a particular person or group of people of their preference as the beneficiary. The named beneficiary makes the life insurance claim upon the insured's death and is then responsible for using the proceeds to carry out the policy holder's desires and wishes. Listed below are five top-rated life insurance companies to review.



Transamerica has a track record of in excess of 100 years establishing in 1904 by Amadeo Giannini. Currently, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Transamerica also features reduced minimal insurance plan ranges starting point at $25,000, which is a significant element if low cost is a major factor in your insurance plan ideas.

The customer support available is very attractive. You would be able to communicate by email, chat on their website, and communicate on most of the major social media networks. Contacting the live chat is a great benefit where you can speak with someone instantly who will answer your questions. They would also be able to guide you while on the website to locate needed information. The term life insurance plans that are offered are starting at ten years up to thirty years. For a quote on pricing, you can call 1-800-771-1839.

New York Life Insurance


New York Life Insurance

New York Life Insurance Company began in 1845 as the Nautilus Insurance Company. The company is headquartered in New York City and was rated on the Fortune 500 list at number eighty for 2015. Affordable term life insurance is available for five years and up to twenty years. This company has also received an impressive amount of rewards and recognition for 2015. This information is available at It's easy to apply by mail or complete your application online. For more information, you can call 800-695-9873 from 8 am to 7 pm eastern time Monday to Friday.

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual began as the Mutual Life Insurance Organization of the State of Wisconsin on March 2, 1857. Several term life insurance plans are available with the chance to transfer to permanent insurance coverage and never having to take an additional health examination. Major nationwide ranking firms, for instance, Moody's, A.M. Best, and Standard & Poor’s, all have placed Northwestern Mutual at the top of their ranking scales. For questions and quote, they can be contacted on the phone at 800-388-8123 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM CT, Monday to Friday.

State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance, was created in 1922 by several policyholders along with a farmer named George J. Mecherle. They started out as a shared motor vehicle insurance business, where the policyholders owned and operated the company. State Farm is based out of Bloomington, Illinois. The choices offered can be from ten years up to thirty years. No matter how much money is provided from the loss of life benefits, it goes to your beneficiaries normally income tax-free. Also, if you have vehicle insurance protection with State Farm, buying a State Farm Select Term Life Insurance policy may entitle you to a price reduction on your rates with the multiple coverage plans.



MassMutual is headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts and was founded in 1851 by George W. Rice. MassMutual is one of the largest life insurance companies globally and was ranked at ninety-four in the Fortune 500 list for 2015. MassMutual is one of the few major life insurers to receive a top financial strength rating of A++ from A.M. Best. For inquiries, the automated phone system number is 1-800-272-2216.

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    • DebraHargrove profile image

      Debra Hargrove 2 years ago from North Carolina

      You are right, but maybe they can figure out how to have it taken out of their paycheck because the monthly payments are really low on many plans. It is so worth the sacrifice. Shopping around for low-cost term life insurance is also another option.

    • Happy Moment profile image

      James 2 years ago from The Eastern Bypass

      The problem is many people look at the monthly premium and forget how big they are going to gain in the case of a disaster. Very educational article. Thank you.