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Using the Leverage of Network to Build Wealth

Updated on September 23, 2014

Never before has it been so easy to become rich,” Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said. One reason could be the use of extensive networks around the globe due to technological advancement.

Obviously, anybody can make a humbugger. But McDonald does the same thing, yet it is a multimillion corporation. Why? Because of the leverage of network. Ray Crock saw the importance of networking and used it as leverage to his advantage. As a result McDonald is a large network of small hamburger selling outlets around the globe. ‘

John D. Rockefeller saw a need and filled the gap by linking all oil wells around the world and became a success icon.

Why did Bill Gates become a billionaire? How about Larry Page, Michael Dell and Mark Zukerberg? All these computer gurus have something in common. They created systems or structures for people to network. As more people use those system or structures, these computer gurus billed those that use the system or structures. Obviously, Leverage of mind, Leverage of knowledge and Leverage of Technology helped in this respect.

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Henry Ford saw the importance of network and so built cheap cars and sold not only in USA but use dealers around the world and rest is history.

The best ever story in history is about a man who used network of 12 people to influence million around the world. He simply used the leverage of network. First he connected with 12 people. Those twelve people connected with the next 12 and so on and so forth and today, Christianity is global religion. How did he do it? Power of leverage. That man is Jesus Christ.

Characteristics of great networkers

At this point, I am sure I have convinced you enough to at least agree with me that one can use leverage of network to be very successful in any endeavours at all in life and not just money.

The characteristics that I discuss here are from my analysis of characters of so many successful people in the world who used the leverage of network to grow their wealth. It is my hope that you find some characters useful enough to be adopted into your life.

Why all the pain listing the names of those successful people?

I know some, if not most who read this hub will say…”Well hell, what’s the point in listing those names down. Many people are like the Thomas in the bible. They want to see and believe. But because you can’t physically see and touch a thing like Leverage of network, I had to illustrate the concept with real people who used it. That is so that you believe, this are not out of the blue concepts but real life concepts or rather success principles used by ordinary people to amass greater financial success and fame and left legacies behind for many to see and follow.

Great networkers;

Serve before being served – Great networkers are people who are self-less. They are kings in mind but servant in duty. That means they confident about their ability to succeed but they humbly seek to serve more and by serving more, they build more wealth. Look at McDonalds, Ford Motors and few I have mentioned earlier that used leverage of network.

Have abundance mentality-Take away billion dollars Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, George Soros has and they will spring back and make new billions. Why? Because they have what Donald Trump described as Billionaire Minds in his best-selling book Billionaire Minds. They know success comes in abundance and that know the supply never runs out.

Have wealthy and positive mindset-They think rich. They talk about business, investment, leadership and dreams and unique lifestyles. They know that negative thoughts blocks their supply of abundance from the source and so avoid being negative and focuses on positive things that add value to their lives.

Willing to face blunt rejections-Reject they the first time and they will compose the next best plan to return to you. They refuse to take no for an answer. They take rejections and turn them into opportunities.

Confident and persistent and passionate about their life goals –Nothing beats a confident, persistent and passionate person when it comes to achieving goals. Great networkers know this as a powerful leverage and use it to their advantage. I call this the Leverage of Habits.

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Rich people look for, or build, networks while everyone else just looks for work. And network is just about the most important word in business. Use the lessons in this hub to grow your own network and become successful in what you set out to do.

© 2013 Ian D Hetri


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