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Value of Money

Updated on February 8, 2013

A child in my class, 8 years old, was writing something in his rough notebook whenever I observed him for two days, in any free time, snack break, lunch, free periods. I did not want to interfere in his personal work but when he kept writing even when I started taking class after the lunch break, I got really curious!

I went near him and found that he was writing numbers, big numbers. I asked him what he was doing. He said "Ma'm, you know that I learn keyboard right, I have completed learning till Geethams. I have a small keyboard and my keyboard teacher asked me to buy a big professional keyboard so that I can advance to the next level". He paused, I asked him did someone give him imposition work to do well in maths so that he can get the big keyboard.

He said, "No no, I went and asked my dad to buy me the big keyboard. My dad said it is 18,000 rupees and it is too expensive for me. I did not agree with him and told him that 18,000 is not a big amount. My dad asked me to write numbers from 1 - 18000 to understand how big the amount is and so I am writing the numbers." After completing the story he gave me a nice cute smile. I was mesmerized by what he told and could not give a reply. I just hugged him.

The child went back to his place and continued to write the numbers 8667, 8668, 8669......

I was simply amazed at the dad's tactic to teach his son the value of money! After the class got over, I sincerely wished that the child understands the value of money and the dad gifts him a big keyboard. Teachers are lucky to learn a lot of things like these in class!


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    • Deepika Arun profile image

      Deepika Arun 5 years ago from Chennai, India

      @Appa: Hahahaha! I might end up writing his work, as I love doing such work! ;)

    • C.V.Rajan profile image

      Disillusioned 5 years ago from Kerala, India

      Interesting parent and interesting child! He did what his father told! (Sigh! Think what would have happened had I said so to my son when he was a little boy! Out of sheer exasperation, perhaps his mother would have wrote the whole thing for him (like some parents doing the homework of their children!)