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Wanna be a great extreme couponer?

Updated on December 11, 2012

How to be great at saving money.

In order to be an extreme couponer you have to know where to look. Coupons are available everywhere, the biggest source is the internet., and are the best websites to check out. Also, your local newspaper will have a couple inserts available inside with a wide variety. Last but not least, actual store websites.

Okay, so now that we have went over where to look lets talk about how to actually save like you see those extreme couponers on the TLC show. The first thing you want to do is start clipping, clip all interested coupons you can find. What I do is I find all the coupons I want out of a newspaper, online etc.. then go to a store site and see if I can find the same coupons. See the thing is you can actually use one store coupon and one manufactured coupon (newspaper coupon) on the same item. So I like to use Target, they are great at having the same coupons available as the newspaper; so you find a manufactured coupon for BOGO free on a glade candle, and the candle costs 2.50. So if you also have a coupon for 1.50 off one glade candle that will mean two candles will only cost you 1.50! Now, the key to successful extreme couponing is waiting til these items go on sale. That is when you will save BIG bucks. People fail at couponing because they are too impatient and get defeated easily. They end up buying things they wouldn't because they have a coupon, you should only do this if you know it's worth it after the coupons you have therefore saving you money. You never wanna spend more money on a trip to the store then you normally do. This is not an easy or quick hobby. Just because you have these coupons doesnt mean you have to use them right away; hold on to them til you can match them with a store coupon or find it on sale. They aren't going anywhere and if it does expire, more will be in the next newspaper. Also, make sure to check out the stores coupon policys and know them exactly so if you run into any problems at check out you can recite it to them. Always read the coupons small print, some will say only use one coupon per purchase or things like that, always good to keep an eye out for. Good Luck!!


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