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Want to make money? Possibly you want to make a lot of money fast.

Updated on October 22, 2012

Ten ways to make money

How to bring in the money?
How to bring in the money? | Source

Best ways to make money

Making money, well its illegal to print money, and some days you may think that you are desperate enough to try. Don't it's more hassle than it is worth. As it has been pointed out to me the Parker Brother's creators of Monopoly, did make quite a lot of money printing monopoly money. As you can appreciate in a game environment this could make money. If you can make the next monopoly, its almost a license to print money.

Stop looking for the money tree, it really doesn't grow on trees unless you have an orchard of some kind tend to the tree by pruning and cutting it. Protecting it from bugs, and birds. You should be able to convert that work in to money.

Increasing income, or having multiple income streams, this is a good method, although how do you get multiple income streams with out working 90 hour weeks, never enjoying the fruits of your labour. There are a few methods and they are outlined down later, most though require capital: money to invest.

10. Lotto

Buying a lottery ticket, has been a time honoured tradition in some households to be in particularly for the larger draws. If you have extra cash to invest in to a probable pay out. Not all of us can afford that luxury. Syndicates are a good way to minimise the cost but it also causes the pay out to be shared amoungst syndicate memebers.

9. Finding an Antique

Going through all the cupboards in the house and searching the internet tirelessly to find if it is worth something. You need to go in to the antique dealer with some knowledge or you could walk out with less than 2% of the value.This requires watching hours of Antiques roadshow, actually listening to the stories of you grandparents rather than opting for the television, that sits forlornally alone, calling your name.

The other way is to find an antique is forever going to garage sales, pawn dealers and other second hand sales people and hope somebody else doesn't recognise the value of their antique, and risk being stuck with a lemon antique.

8. Garage Sale

A lot of work, allowing strangers into your home/ garage. Selling off items that you once treasured and at one point meant something, and having strangers haggle over them devaluing their worth. Although depending on the items you are selling and how many items you can make a little pile of cash, mostly small demoninations but still a small pile.

7. Odd jobs

Working for the neighbours, for friends. This actually has been fairly good to us and we have made some money through this form of money making enterprise. The only down side is it does entail hard work, working around current jobs and or study.This can be quite regular income on the upside, and take only an extra hour or so, but close to home, and working those time management skills well as you mow your lawn, you mow your neighbours lawn - Of course only if you have lined this up prior to mowing their lawn without their knowledge. While they may be greatfull highly unlikely that they will pay you as no contract was entered in to.

6. Rewards programs

Rewards programs are a good way to earn points on money you were going to spend to anyway. This works out to be a small percentage of waht you spent, but hey, every little bit helps.

Rewards Central - Is available only to Australian and New Zealander Residents, however this has been very successful for me with limited online shopping, by just reading emails and doing things on the website, I have earnt $30.00 the first 2 years I was on. And recently another $30.00. I have been on for 4 years.

Frequent Flyer and rewards creidt cards - Points to be earned on miles travelled or money spent on travel to be saved up and spent again on travel. More and more companies are making the points elligible to earned from nearly anywhere. Usually comes in a credit card format - so ensure the fees are what you can avoid or willing to pay. Ensure that if you are going for a rewards credit card that you will be able to make back the annual fee and other charges.

5. Affiliates/ Online jobs

So a little while ago, I was desperate and wanted to leave the job I had at the time for personal reasons. I was applying everywhere however I think people could see my desperation which is never a good thing.

So I looked online for making money and was inundated with information. I didn't read very far and as most affiliates or people who work online now rarely does a searcher go past the page. So I found a system that looked good, 2.99p/m for the first week and 39.95 after that for access to a database of videos that took me forever to load and half an hour to watch each.

Pretty much what I learned with out giving away their secrets. Is that to make money on the internet you need a website or access to website through a platform like hubpages you can join by following this link, for free and learn heaps through all the amazing hubbers (writers) here.

So I bought a domain and downloaded a cheap free webhosting page creator. They recommended cutting and pasting from certain places. (This is the wrong way to get good first page rankings through google and most other respected search engines) I had an assignment I had written at school and a few other peices that I loaded on to my website. Even though they were telling me google would pay me, I never came across the Google Adsense program then. I used some other affiliate websites, that were still good, but to get payouts, it never happened as I didn't have the traffic or rankings that I required (which are things that Hubpages can help out with as they rank really well). I gave up on it and got a real job.

However this time around I am working, I now understand that the internet game and making money on it is possible but for an amature like me, it takes time and watching your traffic and what is bringing it in and what key words are getting typed can help you make a niche topic.

Affiliate websites to link up with:

Neverblue Affiliates



Google Adsense


4. Party plan

Party plan are those hobby jobs, that pay well per hour at the party. They are really enjoyable if you enjoy meeting people and talking about a brand that you have come to know really well. The perks of selling it is that you accumulate quite a collection for very cheap or free through incentives of winning competitions. Its number 4 in my list because I have done really well through party plan. It is a viable way to make if you don't mind starting with your friends and also you'd be surprised who likes it too! The best thing to do is join at the start of the party cycle so you can start while your friends are fresh and not partied out.

Tupperware is a very successful party plan

Lorriane Lea Linen in Australia and New Zealand is a very succesful party plan.

Undercover wear also very succesful party plan

There are also educational toys party plans

I am sure you can find more in your interest areas, like candles or even jewlery

3. Investments

Investments are generally things that you have to put money in to that provide some form of return whether regular return or higher lump sum return when its finally sold.

I am in to property investments myself, I have seen prospectous' for shares, and I have heard of a sure thing crashing. I do have theory on shares, but no practice - pretty much the theory is to invest in things that are bare essentials, although still not a sure thing any good investor can tell you.

Property for the purposes of rent and eventually a big lump sum return.In Australia we can count our losses, interest for example against tax. It is called negative gearing and its heavily debated.

2. Job

A job is somewhere that you work, you don't care about being promoted or even what you do, providing it pays what you agreed to work for. I know I have worked for $10.00 an hour as an adult which is below minimum wage.

1. Career

A career differs to a job in the fact that a career is something you study for. You apply for. You work your way up in and continue studying to keep increasing you salary. This to date has been my best money maker. I am a community services worker and I love my job, helping people and contributing to a whole society.

An Australian a career gives the ability to have holiday time paid for, sick leave paid for, berevment time out, and long service leave that racks up according to the award of your industry. Pays superannuation at least 9% towards the Australian retirement fund. Its also known as a full time job and sometimes it can be just a job and will give the same benefits.


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    • Abbasangel profile image

      Abbasangel 6 years ago from Australia - The land down under

      Yep, I am sure there are lots of ways to make money online, just got to find the right ones. At the moment I can vouch for Hubpages and those affiliates and I will continue to look in to and research other methods! Thanks Webguyonline

    • Abbasangel profile image

      Abbasangel 6 years ago from Australia - The land down under

      Ha ha!! :) Yeah I started writing a list on how to make money, realised we have done most of them considered the garage sale but really didn't have the time, which is a pain cos I packed it off the goodwill - Ah well what comes around...

      There is a lot of simple ways to make money... and a lot of hard ways to make money... :)

    • Davorunner profile image

      Davorunner 6 years ago from Australia

      Lol I shall notify the Parker brothers about the printing money thing!!

      And woa there are quite a lot of ways now that you mention it. I like how you describe them all. It's true that a garage sale devalues your stuff, antiques can be really worthwhile but you do need to do your homework

      I love the odd jobs ideas

      I might look into some of these, I do have a lot of stuff lol

      Very nice hub