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Ways Of Saving Money On Grocery Shopping

Updated on September 16, 2012

Every penny counts when it comes to saving right? And just when "if you don't need it, don't buy it," is true and is a wise thing to do, there are still ways of saving on grocery shopping aside from using coupons.

And as I had been to two of these stores, I thought why not make a hub for it. It maybe a simple idea but there might be useful to some who hadn't tried or had been to these stores for only on few occasions. If this two stores are just close or on the same way of your favorite grocery store, you might want to stop by and have a look. And maybe you will find something on your grocery shopping list that you can get in there for a cheaper price, you can then cross that item off your list while saving some money before heading on your favorite store to get the rest of the items on your list.

If you are planning a grocery shopping trip except for clothing and meat products, I suggest visiting either 99 cents store or Dollar Tree store.

I had been to 99 cents store but I hadn't been there since last week after few years. But on those times, I don't do grocery shopping yet so I don't really realize how much one can save from there until having a trip to a 99 Cents store last week for a client I'm working for. And I just went to another 99 Cents store today with my dad in our area.

How did it turned out? Dad and I both enjoyed some time exploring the store as we both hadn't been there before. And this time, I had all the time to consume walking around checking out items. From canned goods, kitchen and cleaning items, gardening, to food items such as chocolates, snacks, pasta and more. I even found dog foods and yes, the Pedigree that I used to get for my client's dog is only 99 cents while it used to be $1 and some cents in the store where I used to get it. I also got an Allium bulbs to plant on our patio and with the price and with my love for flowers, I can hardly resist not to get the mixed bulbs.

Speaking of produce on 99 cents, not much to choose from. There's oranges, avocados, bananas and pineapples for fruits. I was hoping to get and choose broccoli but it was all ready in a plastic for stir fry. But for those who loves zucchini and lettuce, both are still in good condition unlike the asparagus that I noticed was starting to dry up when I was about to get one. I also got the 3 wire to two wire adapter that I was trying to find.

The 99 Cents Store Only
The 99 Cents Store Only | Source

All in all, with the price, it was a good deal I'd say. There are a lot of shoppers that was in there. With the 6 items we got all for 99 cents, I had saved a lot so it's worth the time and visit.

And as the weather becomes hotter, I now know where to get canned fruits for my favorite Summer desserts. I found canned fruits such as the tropical fruit salad, pears and pineapples and that somehow makes me look forward into making my favorite goodies on Summer along with tapioca desserts.

Another store that is worth the time visiting is the Dollar Tree store. My dad's co-worker had just mentioned this store to him so we decided to go and see the store. The 99 cents store is bigger and has more items but the Dollar Tree has a good collection of greeting cards to choose from, gift bags and other party supplies. I had been in there more than 3 times and I still find it a good place to look around for items, cleaning, and kitchen or cooking supplies.

This is also where I found paper lanterns for a dollar thou there's not much selection and designs to choose from. And too bad for me, now I forgot where the lanterns are being kept in the house and I hadn't even used it yet. Hand soaps is the one item I used to buy from this store as they are quite a bit of hand soaps to choose from along with the beauty and cleaning supplies.

Have you been to Dollar Tree or 99 Cents store?

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And of course, the most common way on saving groceries that we're aware of are using coupons. So plan your trip by listing all the items needed and use those coupons. Or, you can review all the coupons and save those that you need in the household to use for the next grocery shopping.

Another great way to save money is shopping by comparison which mom had been using this past few weeks from Walmart. And it is even surprising for me of waking up the following day seeing a good size of pineapple which is bought that was only worth a dollar along with some fruits such as avocado. So keep those store ads from the mail and use it too.


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    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 5 years ago from USA

      Yup. Thanks for dropping by. :) Those stores really help on saving money.

    • Julieonline profile image

      Julieonline 5 years ago

      Interesting hub! Anyway that people can save is a good thing in this economic climate! Well done for sharing. Sharing is caring :)