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Ways to Earn Extra Income on the Internet 2015

Updated on November 18, 2015

Common Misunderstanding!

People often think that internet is only used for entertainment and research. However, internet is also a great place to make extra income for you and your family. As Benjamin Franklin once said "Time is Money", instead of playing computer games during free time, why not 'monetize' your valuable time to make some extra cash?

I have been researching about internet marketing ("internet monetization") and have made thousands of dollars from various ways on the internet during my free time. I will share with you my ways of increasing my revenue online and help you finding your own way as well!

They pay for what you think!

Not gonna lie, your thoughts worth money.


There are a lot of universities, companies that want your thoughts so that they can improve their products or help their researches. There are quite a few websites that gathers those universities and companies and distribute surveys to you. You will then get paid after each completed survey. Do note that some websites tend to have a minimum payout. You have to reach that or earn beyond that amount for them to pay you.

Surveys have specified demographic requirements and you may not qualify for some of them. However, don't give up! Keep trying and you will get there eventually. Constantly providing truthful information will help you qualify for more surveys and thus more money-making opportunities.

There are several websites that I use and can confirm them that they are legit:

  • Cashcrate
  • Swagbucks

Review tasks

Companies and individuals want to know what their customers and users think of their websites and apps. I have found a website called UserTesting which allows you to make money by giving review on them and it pays you per test (after 7 days of each completed task). I've made more than $100 while only putting around 5 hours of work. Just like getting paid to fill in surveys, you are sometimes required to be in a specific demographic to be able to get the task. From my experience most review tasks do not last longer than 30 minutes.

There are a few types of tasks:

  • Demographic tasks
  • Tasks for everyone
  • Mobile/Tablet tasks
  • Researches (which can lead up to a week, giving opinions everyday)

Tasks are worth differently according to the time required to complete them. Normally, tasks other than researches pay from $3 to $10. Researches may pay up to $100.

I will make a separate hub about UserTesting on how to maximize the chances of getting tasks and tips on getting higher ratings.

Originality is key to success...

Everyone is unique.

Content Creation

Create contents for websites like YouTube or even your own blog. YouTube is the third most visited website in the world. Everyday, people are searching for unique videos and maybe it's your time to shine!

All you need is a computer with internet connection and a camera! It's that easy. A simple viral video can make you thousands of dollars per month or even more! Use your uniqueness and create funny videos or tutorials. You may find yourself becoming the next internet sensation very soon!

To actually make money on YouTube other than making videos, you need an AdSense account. Create a Gmail account and link your email to AdSense. Afterwards go to YouTube channel settings and connect your channel to AdSense. You're done! Whenever you monetize your uploaded videos, you will get paid monthly until you reach the minimum payout (which is USD$100, GBP£60...).

Blogging is also a very good way to make money off your contents. Show others what you are passionate about, such as cooking, hiking or travelling. You will be amazed by how many people look up cooking recipes, great hiking routes or places to travel everyday on Google.

GET A DOMAIN NAME AS WELL! It shows people that you are a professional. A sub-domain doesn't only makes your site unable to monetize, but also shows people that you are not serious about it. You can get a really cheap domain online via GoDaddy or Namecheap.

At first you may not have decent amount of traffic. However, remember that the more time you spend on making great contents, the higher chance your website will get exposed and be listed on Google. Google looks for original contents and it rewards site owners by placing their websites high in its search engine.

Domain names are trade-able as well. was sold for USD$35.6 Million in 2010

If you are not interested in creating and maintaining a website, get a decent .com domain name and sell it for a large amount of money.


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