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Ways to Save Money Getting Books

Updated on July 15, 2010

I'm the type of shopper that likes to get the most for my money whenever I can and by shopping around I also find and take advantage of ways to save money. Saving money will put more money in my pocket to spend on other things. As I like to put it: Save more, get more. In other words, saving money by being a smart shopper will result in you having more money to spend when you are ready to get something else (at another lower price -- hehe).

Scenario for Ways to Save Money Getting Books

I'm out looking to buy a book called A-B-C Book. There are at least three options I'd look into in order to find this book at a price I'm willing to pay. Most people will choose to shop at a local bookstore or online. Let's discuss the options.

OK Option: Books & Ways to Save Money Getting Them

I can head online to online bookstores that have this or I can go to an auction site or classifieds site to see if anyone is selling the book I'm wanting. Borders, Barnes & Nobles, and Amazon would be places I could have a look at. Some online bookstores have it where they allow people to sell books they have whether in used or excellent condition. I could also check out eBay for the book I seek to own. While checking out these sites I'd keep a tab on the total costs (including shipping and possible taxes). So when I make a final decision who will get my money I'll base it largely on the one for the lowest rate with the best condition.

Best Option: Books & Ways to Save Money Getting Them

This option has been by far the most useful to me in terms of getting a book and saving money. That is, to go to the local library and check the book out. How is this saving me money? Because I'm simply not spending any. Checking out books at the library is completely free.That is just ingenious! Who would have thought that you could actually save money by not spending money?!

Of course, I could check this option out first before looking to purchase it online. And actually that would be the smart thing to do first. But if it's a book I already know I want to buy then I'll go online. If it's a book I am not sure is worth me buying, then I'll go to a library to see if they have it and check it out to read or will read it there. As you may have gathered, I don't buy a lot of books. They have to be extremely worthy (in other words beneficial) that I need to buy it -- that checking it out over and over again just won't be good enough.

If it's a book I know I want, then I'll head over to Half Price Books up the street and see if they have it at a price I'm willing to pay. And if not then check the local Borders and Barnes & Nobles locations. All the while I'm comparing price tags (grand total not sub-total).

End Results of these Ways to Save Money on Books

In the end, my final decision will be either to check it out at a library or if it's worthy to be a part of my personal book club among a select few, then I'll go with the one that costs the less while also being in the best condition. Thus, saving money. This concept can be applied to any thing you wish to have while saving money.

Why pay more for a thing when you can get the same thing at a lower price?! Shop around, get the deal, and save money and have more!


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