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Ways to Save Money When It Comes to Your Utility Bills!

Updated on August 24, 2009
Don't cry! Look for ways to save!
Don't cry! Look for ways to save!

I don't know about you but I am constantly looking for ways to save money. Being self employed, it is very important that I plan a monthly budget and stick to it! Why do I plan a budget each month? Well, for one thing, my utility bills are constantly changing so I need to allow for any differences. After all, coming up short could mean having my internet service turned off (oh, the horror!). Actually, in all seriousness, if my internet and or phone bill was not paid, I'd be in BIG trouble as my job depends on both!

If you hadn't noticed, the cost to heat and cool your home each month is on the rise. Once you add all of your utility bills together (heating, cooling, gas, water, phone, internet) you just may find yourself running for the hills (or at least crying yourself to sleep at night). Instead of worrying, be pro-active and take steps to lower your utility bills! YES, PEOPLE…IT IS POSSIBLE!!!! All you must do is TAKE ACTION!

Look for "free" internet service, however, don't sign anything until you read the fine print!
Look for "free" internet service, however, don't sign anything until you read the fine print!

Ways to LOWER Your Utility Bills

Though it pains me to even type this, the first way you can save money is to use your heat and air conditioning less. I, for one, HATE being hot or cold…so actually doing this will be a difficult adjustment for me. Keeping your home cooler in the winter and hotter in the summer will, in fact, save you money (and that is the purpose of this exercise, yes?). Also, use fans instead of the air conditioner (unless, of course, it is absolutely SCORCHING outside). You can also save some money by lowering the temperature on your water heater….but never go below 120 degrees.

If you currently pay a lot of money for internet service why not save some cash and check out "free internet" providers. Before you totally fall in love with the idea, do remember that almost nothing in this world is actually FREE…so be sure to do your research and read all of the fine print before committing to any service. Also, another warning…you get what you pay for. So, beware, a free internet service provider will most certainly NOT be as good as one that you out-right pay for each month. Again, do your homework and do not sign ANYTHING until you have a full understanding of exactly what you are getting and how much (if anything) it will cost. Free internet providers are good for people that rarely "surf the web" or only use the internet once every blue moon.

Front loaders SAVE money!
Front loaders SAVE money!

Two ways you can save money when it comes to your water bill is to replace the toilet and shower-heads in your home. Low-flow toilets and shower heads are all the rage (don’t' you know) and will save you money in the long run. Now I know that many people are NOT big fans of low-flow toilets, however, they do save water (which will mean cash in your pocket)! You can also cut back on things like washing your car and watering your lawn. Oh and one more thing…take shorter showers!

Another way to reduce your water bill is to replace your old washer and dryer. Now obviously, if you are not in the market for new appliances, wait until you are. However, when you do go shopping for a new washer and dryer, purchase FRONT LOADING MACHINES rather than those that load from the top. Front loaders use up to 50% less energy and are more water efficient! Bonus!

Finally, look around your house. Do a REAL assessment and look for ways to reduce utility costs. For example, how are your windows? Are they energy efficient? How about the light bulbs you use…are they the old fashioned kind or ultra efficient fluorescent bulbs? Are there areas of your home that could be more energy efficient if you just add a little caulk or weather stripping? You might just be amazed at the little things you can do to save money and lower your bills! Remember, be proactive!! The early bird gets the worm (ok, that's a bit corny…but I'm sure you get my point!).

Load the caulking's time to save money!
Load the caulking's time to save money!

Every day…we ALL waste money in one way or another. The sad thing is, most of us don't even know that we are throwing money out the window every time we flush our toilet or turn on a lamp. Smart people look for ways to save money BEFORE hard times hit. Good luck and here's to a five minute shower!


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      CarrieBledsoe2 7 years ago

      I'm glad that you mentioned the free internet service. The idea never came to my mind but I will definitely check it out! Thank you!