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How to Save Money on Water Bills by Using Rain Water or Melted Snow

Updated on December 19, 2010

If you are among the blessed to have heavy rainfall in the spring and summer as we often do here in central Oklahoma, or if you live in the north where there is lots and lots of snow in the winter, and if you like to save money...This article is for you!

Water bills aren't necessarily one of life's biggest expenses but a penny saved is a penny earned, right? Although that is an old cliche the truth is still as up to date as when the phrase was first coined. And saving money on water bills is a great way to start and may be easier than you might think! Even if you are on well water, (like me), you still can save $$ because it takes electric to run the well pump!  Something to think about!

Wide rims work best.
Wide rims work best.

Collecting the Rain and Snow

Things you'll need:

  • Clean buckets, barrels, jars, tubs or anything large enough to hold a substantial amount of water or snow. It's best if the containers have a large, wide rim.
  • A strainer to remove loose debris from your collected water.
  • A funnel to transfer water from wide brimmed to small brimmed containers.
  • Plenty of large jugs and/or pitchers with lids in which to pour your water in to save and store. (Containers that have lids are important so you can close them to keep the water clean and to avoid evaporation. Used, clean plastic milk jugs or gallon jars with lids work well for this purpose and are easy to store).

Once rain or snow is predicted, begin setting your containers where they will most likely collect the most precipitation. For rain, place containers at the spout at the end of guttering or where the rain drains from the roof. This is a fast way to collect water and you may find yourself emptying and refilling several times. For snow, set containers in an wide, open area away from trees and buildings. This will allow the snow to fall freely into your container without being hindered by obstacles.

Once the rain or snow is collected, take into an area such as a back porch. Snow will need a warmer place where the snow can begin to melt.  Take into consideration that some water may be spilled as you go, so you may want to take it where it's easiest to clean up if this should happen.

Once the water is ready to be transferred, get a large mouth funnel and set a strainer inside of it.  Set funnel inside the mouth of your jug and begin pouring the water through the strainer and funnel.  You may need an extra pair of hands for this step...someone to hold the funnel, strainer and jug while someone pours and fills the jug. 

Once the container is filled, close tightly.  You may use a black marker to write the date if you wish.

The water can now be stored away for when it's needed.

What Ways Can I Use My Stored Water?

There are endless ways of course to use this collected water so you don't have to run the tap. I'll show you a few of those ways and maybe you can think of some more!

  • Watering indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Watering pets.
  • Filling aquariums.
  • To dilute cleaning products.
  • To flush toilets.
  • To wash and rinse hair. (Gives a nice shine)!
  • Washing the car.
  • Giving the dog a bath.
  • Summer playtime water fun.
  • Wash driveways and sidewalks.


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    • heart4theword profile image


      7 years ago from hub

      Great suggestions for conserving water. I had a friend once her and her mother washed their hair with rain friends hair was always shinny:) I've never tried this myself, guess I should do that someday? Thanks:)

    • puregrace profile image


      8 years ago from Elm Valley, Tuscola, Texas

      Love the idea...too bad we don't get that much rain in West Texas. But when we get the next one, I'm going to catch it because we almost always get a deluge!

      Thanks for sharing!


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