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Ways to make money growing herbs

Updated on January 31, 2016

Growing herbs for money

Theres hundreds of different kinds of herbs that grow in the wild or in peoples backyards. Even so herbs have a nice potential to make people some extra money. Some people have made a full time income doing this but that will require a a lot of work, but if you re determined and a good grower then it will be more than possible.

Sell mature plants

One way to make money with herbs is to grow seedlings and sell them once they become mature and easier to take care of. You can do this by advertising on facebook, twitter, instagram, and other social media sites. You could also post listings on craigslist for your plants. This is a way that you can make money simply but you won't make as much as some of the other things in this list depending on how much you sell your plants for.

Sell your fresh herbs

Fresh herbs is a sought after thing now days. People who don't have the time or space to grow their own herbs, or people who are tired of the dried herbs that you buy at grocery stores will be your ideal customers. Another way that you can make money with this is by asking your local grocery stores if they have an area for locally grown items. Another place you could ask is restaurants as many times they don't like to use the dried herbs either. This is one of the higher ways to earn with your fresh herbs as many people will buy this and you can split your plant into many groups and sell each one separately.

Make tea bags

Yes, teabags. Have you ever went to the store and saw how expensive nice tea is? Tea without additives and made completely natural. Well you can do this at home 100% natural and super easily. All tea is is herbs put into a mesh bag. You can buy empty tea bags at some stores or else you can buy them online as well. After that all that you need to do is find a recipe or make your own for your tea. You can sell these in boxes or individually. This is something that you can sell online as well and this could be treated as more of a business than an extra way to make money. You can sell your handmade tea bags on sites such as ebay, bonanza, etsy, and just about any other site that you can sell crafts, natural items, or are free to sell whatever you wish.

Make your own essential oils

If you've ever gone to buy essential oils for something you will know the pain of seeing how expensive they are. This is one method that can be a little expensive to start unless you have the knowledge to make your own distiller system. For this you will need a distiller and it will make essential oils. Now you could sell your essential oils but maybe not for as much as you can in the store, instead how you can make money with this is by making stuff with the essential oils. You can make lotions, salves, soap, bath additives, and so much more. This is another method of making money of herbs that can turn into more of a business than a side hustle.

Sell dried herbs

This one is kind of like the selling your fresh herbs listed above but this one can also turn into more of a business than selling them fresh can. Unless you live in a big city then it can be hard to make any kind of income with selling fresh herbs, but dried herbs can be sold online and not be bad by the time they reach the buyer. This can be sold on different sites like ebay, and bonanza, but you can also make your own herb mixtures and such then you can sell it on etsy! This also goes along with making your own teabags!

There is so much more

These are not the only ways for you to make money growing herbs. If growing is your passion then do it! If you truly want to make a living with this then be creative! Expand on what can bedone. Do you have anything that you do with your plants that is out of the ordinary? Then go to your friends and family and see their reactions. You could start a business with it. There is unlimited potential in this area as many people don't think of their herbs as a way to make an income, but that is more than possible!


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