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WebAnswers: Make Money Asking And Answering Questions: My Personal Experience With The Site

Updated on November 28, 2012

Basic Overview Of WebAnswers

For those of you who are not familiar with the site WebAnswers, it is a site that shares its AD revenue, similar to Hubpages. You make money VIA Adsense.

WebAnswers is a questions and answer website, which means that you have the chance to make money by asking and answering questions. You can also make money by referring others to the site, and when they are active you will make money when they make money.

You sign up, you answer 50 questions, link your Adsense account once you are able too and then you have the chance to make money on WebAnswers.

My Experience With WebAnswers

I joined WebAnswers on November 9, 2012. That means at the time of writing this article, I have been on the site for 20 days.

My overall experience with the site has been very positive. It did not take me long to answer 50 questions, and I did it within 3-4 days. I could have easily done it in a day or two, but I took my time. Once I answered 50 questions, I was able to link my Adsense account and have the chance to earn some money.

Many people wonder how much money they can earn on WebAnswers and everyone is different and will have a different experience, but continue to read on and I will tell you what my earnings' experience has been like over at WebAnswers.

My WebAnswers Earnings

I won't say how much I make with Adsense but I will say this; I have reached payout the minimum payout threshold for Adsense, and that is just from using WebAnswers for 20 days. If I did not use Adsense on sites like Hubpages, then I still would have been able to reach the payout threshold from just my earnings from WebAnswers.

I am actually surpised that I have been able to earn as much as I have earned from WebAnswers, because of all the Google Updates that have took place in the past year.

Final Verdict

WebAnswers is a good website to be a part of, especially for people who have never made a dime from Adsense, or even a dollar. I highly recommend using WebAnswers.


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