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Updated on March 17, 2018
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Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.


What is is a website that is a very large online store. You can buy electronics, books, movies, videogames and clothes and shoes. You can browse through products, read reviews, ask questions and engage in discussion on the forums and you can order products from the website. You can either have them shipped to a P.O. Box or have them shipped directly to your house. Some products can only be shipped to your house, so keep that in mind when placing an order.

Quick Info

A brief overview of the site and its features, my experiences using and whether or not it's worth using to shop online, especially since the minimum cost to get free shipping has gone up a lot over the years..

Shipping on

Another great thing about is that they offer free shipping, called Super Saver Shipping for products that cost over $35.00, it used to be $49.00, but since they have to pay taxes in my state they lowered the minimum free shipping cost.

Although I do not shop for other items as much as I used to, it's still cheap to buy books from Amazon as it's free shipping on books if you buy over $25.00 worth of them.

I have had a great experience shipping on and the only times that an order has not arrived is when it wasn’t available and they emailed me telling me that it wasn’t available.

Buying Through 3rd Parties on

I have purchased items used on, I’ve never had a problem with any used products but I would definitely only recommend sellers that have a 99%-100% seller rate, that way you know that the product you purchased will actually work when it arrives. I bought Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Special Edition DVDs and they work like they’re brand new even though they were used. I still prefer to buy new over used if I can help it.

Amazon's Verified Customer Reviews

Amazon reviews have a label called “Verified Customer Reviews”, and it proves that the person reviewing the item purchased it because anyone can submit a review to the site. When it comes to vidgames, I did hear that Amazon was removing low ratings of verified customers reviews and people noticed it.

User Reviews is a very helpful website because users can leave reviews about their experiences with the products they’ve purchased from the website. I find that these reviews are informative, most of the time, and have convinced me to either buy a product or not buy it. Forums

Amazon has forums and they can be very helpful if you want to ask about a product before buying it, there are also all sorts of discussion forums and it’s pretty entertaining to look at the forums.

Flaws of Amazon Customer Reviews

The review system is somewhat flawed, especially in the computer games section where users tend to complain more about digital rights management in their reviews than whether or not they actually played the game with said digital rights management. Sometimes the reviews do say that they have played the games while others just write reviews against digital rights management.

Flaws on

If there are any flaws with it would be that you have to be careful when buying used items from sellers, you have to look at their feedback percentage and what buyers have said about them. I only buy from sellers that I know are good and have sent me items I’ve ordered. I haven’t had any problems with buying used and I’ve always received items I’ve ordered.



I have only ever had to return one thing to Amazon and I did get a refund, but not a full refund, but it was easy to return to them.

Purchasing E-Books on Amazon Kindle:

I recently got a free Amaon Kindle Touch and I find it very easy to purchase books on Amazon for it. It's easy, you just touch the buy button and it purchaes the e-book. It also accepts Amazon gift cards as payment so you can get free books using Amazon gift cards.

Just the other day I bought a book by accident while browsing through the Kindle Store. I was able to cancel my accidental purchase and they refunded my money the same day.

Amazon Recommendation: Shop Here but Be Careful!

Overall, is a great website that lets you buy anything you want and has a lot to offer its customers. I’d recommend using this website since it’s easy to find and purchase items from the store. Just be careful when buying new or used from 3rd party sellers. I’ve never had a problem but I’m very careful when choosing a 3rd party seller to purchase from. I try to buy straight from Amazon when possible. You can’t go wrong with this website and I buy a lot from If you want a good online shopping experience, I’d recommend

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