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Websites that Offer Daily Deals: Great for Bargain Hunters!

Updated on May 11, 2011
Save money and still get the same great stuff
Save money and still get the same great stuff

The cost of living is going up while our pay checks are staying the same. Is there anyway to still buy the items that we once loved without going in debt? Well one solution is to sign up for websites that send out daily deals to those signed up. They often offer bargains for items and services with a discount of 50% and up off of regular merchandise and services. These websites are a benefit to the business as well as the buyer because it is getting business for the small businesses and opening up their client base while we're in tough times financially. It's also letting the buyer get a deal so that they can afford the item or service that they may otherwise not be able to afford.

This website offers deals daily 50-90% off and sends out a daily email. Earn $5 in rewards by getting others to sign up. Pay online and print your vouchers. Its just that easy. They offer deals for Canadians and Americans, simply find a City near you.

Groupon is exactly the same idea as steal the deal, 50-90% off, daily emails are sent to you with local businesses offering special deals in the area. Pay online and print your voucher. Groupon offers deals to United States and Canada, find a deal near you.

Same idea as steal the deal and groupon. A daily email is sent out to you to give you local deals up to 90% off local restaurants, bars, spas and theaters as well as affordable travel escapes and getaways. Pay online and get a link to your voucher the next day. Livingsocial offers deals to Cities all over the United States as well as Canada.

The exact same idea as the above websites except that it is only offered in Canada. Get a daily email for deals near you, pay online, print the voucher and enjoy the savings.

These daily deal websites may be the future of small businesses. They are getting the word out and letting new people try out there products and services that may otherwise have not had a chance to try them. And the business is opening itself up to new buyers. If you know others that would like to save some money, send out an email through your account on the websites and earn money towards great deals for yourself. It comes full circle. So if you like a deal that is offered near you, sign up and reap the rewards.


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