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What If You Had A Failure Rating?

Updated on August 1, 2010


New Ratings
New Ratings

What if you had a failure rating?


There is not a minute that can go by where we have not scanned, watched or heard those commercials advertising your credit score. They show up on your tube regularly like clockwork, telling you how much your score has dropped substantially down to the lowness of zero. Even better now they have formed a jingle that will sing your score to you if one of your 8 senses is malfunctioning. Then if you’re into one of these many breeds of pets, they show you how to track down and capture your warranted fugitive credit score. It’s pretty amazing how they all think we need to know our bias number, which is closely monitored and tracked daily by three credit bureaus, like one could never be enough to do the work of all three.  I still shake my head at the very thought of this ill affair. Yet this has me to wonder, what if your failure rate was tracked and monitored in the same way. I mean did you take a moment to think about this, everything you got wrong, everything you failed at would now be assigned a number, yes a rating. Then to top this all off, three rating bureaus including the federal government would now track you and hunt you down. If you had a high score of let’s say 800, which nowadays is considered a person having a huge credit status; the rating bureaus would denounce you all over the television and of course by the World Wide Web.  The person with a score of 500 would be treated like royalty and displayed all over people’s magazine with the headline a blazed reading The person of the hour with an unthinkable failure rate. Can you match it? With so much going on in the world today I would not be surprised if someone suddenly tried to make this possible. Did this get you to shaking your head? We all must remain vigilant in our desire for change, and know that change sometimes does not bring us that great reward we are expecting it to bring.


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