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What Should You Be Stocking Up On Now?

Updated on March 11, 2013
Corn Products
Corn Products
Other Corn Products
Other Corn Products

Because of the drought, feed prices for many animals have become sky high. With feed prices high, many industries are feeling the pinch. Livestock is being slaughtered now to save money on feeding them. So what does that mean for us? Soon, certain commodities prices are going to go sky high. Right now is the time to buy when there is excess due to liquidation. Also it will take several months for corn prices to affect what we buy everyday.


Livestock is being liquidated now to save money on feed. The high supply is driving meat prices especially low, take advantage. Beef and Pork are especially going to be hit hard in this category because it takes so much to feed them. Act now and stock up your freezer because it is going to be a long winter.


Many dairy farms are going out of business after decades, forced to liquidate their cows because once again, cost of feed is astronomical. Right now milk is around 3 dollars a gallon and is expected to double that price in a few months. Cheeses will also take a heavy hit as well, so stock up now. Most milk and cheese can be frozen without any loss of taste. There is also self-stable pasteurized milk that can be a good way to stock up on milk now and it stays good for several years. All milk products will go up, so getting some extra now can save you big in the months to come. Powdered milk is also a great idea if you can stand the taste, however self-stable will be more to what you are used to.


Due to congress, there was billions of gallons of Ethanol made this year, even with a horrible drought. So if you changed your vehicle to this lower cost fuel, stock up now my friends, because it may just surpass oil prices by the end of this year or early next year.


As we all know, corn was hit hard this year. Corn meal and corn bread mixes, as well as corn syrup are among the top. All products may go up a 20-30 cents because America really does depend on corn syrup, it is literally in everything.

So if you already have a stock pile, maybe you can add a few items listed or if you do not, you may rethink your position.


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