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How Much Is Our Money Really Worth?

Updated on February 29, 2020

A dollar used to be a lot of money, back when my father was young. A nickel for a loaf of bread, ten cents for a gallon of milk, that sort of thing. Of course, he also walked uphill in the snow both ways!

The problem is, as time goes on, the dollar means less and less. The dollar is worth less and less. I used to be so happy when I picked up a penny or a dime off of the side of the road, because it was real, cold hard cash in my hand.

Not any more! How many of you just pass pennies by now? How many of you go weeks without carrying any cash? I know I could raise my hand to that.

Did you know, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, to purchase goods which cost a dollar in 1913, we now have to spend upwards of 20 bucks!

The item to the right of this passage is on sale on ebay for literally a penny. Amazing, isn't it?

There are plenty of ways you can spend less than a buck and make it go a good way. Dollar stores are still popular, even though once sales tax is applied you've spent $1.07 or a little more in areas with high sales tax. Yard sales are a great place to go for a bargain, just ask my friend Josh who picked up ten records for a dollar!

Another aspect of the dollar that has changed is our appreciation of it. If you lose a dollar bill from your pocket, you may not feel bad about it later, in fact you may not even remember you had it. Unless you're very poor, one dollar is not going to shatter your financial world.

Fifty years ago it went a long way. As time has gone by, the American dollar has depreciated not only in financial value, but in personal worth. Don't deny your dollars the love they require. Hold them close, and in so doing you may find that they multiply. Letting your poor dollars fly out in the wind can only leave you lonely and bereft of George's sweet half-smiling face.

Just remember, money is the root of all evil as they say. Keep close to your heart the companions to money - time, love, happiness. These will gather more interest than the savings of a dollar.

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