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What are some easy ways to save money everyday?

Updated on February 19, 2009

Saving money every day is easy once you make more conscious decisions. It sort of like changing your eating, and one good way is, indeed to change your eating habits. Do you really have to have that gourmet take-away coffee every day? You might save fifteen or twenty dollars a month just by cutting back on one cup a week.

Also, prepare more meals from fresh. You can make a huge crock pot of vegetable or even beef soup for the cost of one or two frozen meals. Make large amounts of one type of food and freeze portions. A frozen container of bean soup or turkey and rice is easy to take to work and heat up at lunch time. Eat a piece of fruit instead of those cake treats that can cost almost a dollar each. Cooking whole grains and beans will make you healthier and save a load of money. Even if you cut convenience foods by a third, you'll save quite a bit of cash.

Make certain your auto is in good running order. The simple act of having your car's air filter and making sure your tires are at the correct pressure can save you money on gas and you'll be safer too. Most oil-change places will check your fluid levels and air pressure, filters, etc. for free as part of their oil change business.

Shop at consignment shops an thrift stores. There is no disgrace in buying clothes, books, dishes, toys and numerous other items that someone else has used. I purchase toys for the kids in my family and bring them home, toss them in the dishwasher with a tablespoon full of bleach and turn them through a normal wash cycle and they're germ free. This also keeps them out of landfills. My husband wears designer brand dress shirts and ties to work every day - and I bought them all for about three-dollars each. Last week I found a two designer brand shirts that never had been worn for $5 (for both!). High quality furniture and household items are always available in thirft shops - they may need a slipcover or a bit of cleaning, but not always.

Cut back on newspapers and periodicals. Some magazines cost ten dollars or more! If you only read them once and toss them, you're really wasting money and filling the planet with more waste. I love magazines, so save them as a special treat and only buy them when I go on vacation and pass them along when I'm finished with them.

Of course the no-brainers are; quick smoking. Goes without saying. But also consider how much alochol you consume? If you socialize with friends who drink a lot, consider cutting back on the number of drinks you consume while out. Or maybe you should consider making new friends if that's all they want to do. Another way to save money when you go out to eat is order an appetizer instead of a full meal. They are usually tasty and filling. Cut back from two glasses of wine to one, or ask for water instead of soda or tea.

Cut back on the amount of laundry detergent you use and add a bit of baking soda which will give it a boost. Wash your clothes in cold water - they WILL get just as clean - I promise. This may save you big bucks on your electric and water bill.

Choose the less expensive brands of cosmetics, shampoos and household products. Use less of them as well. A lot of us get used to pouring a large handful of shampoo on, when we only need a small amount. Expensive cleaning products can be replaced by bakeing soda and vinegar.

Replace regular light bulbs with low-energy bulbs, turn off lights when you're not in the room, turn down the heat a couple of degrees or turn the air conditioning up a little. Conserve on water, like turning the water off while you brush your teeth, put a water conserver in your shower head. If you have an older toilet, place a jug of water in the tank which will mean you save water with every flush.

I hope these ideas help. Keep track of the money you save, or put it in a jar, which is a bit more encouraging. WeI use all of them (well, most of them) and we now take a vacation at the beach every year - which makes if well worth a little inconvenience!


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