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How to save money now in 2016

Updated on March 17, 2016
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Many of us are watching the daily news and hearing the word "recession". Across the globe, oil and gas prices are increasing, food prices are increasing -- so saving money is an issue that affects many people throughout the world.

If you want to save money each month, then here are some suggestions to save, without sacrificing too much.

Cook at home

If you eat out at restaurants, fast food places, or grab snacks on the go, it could end up costing you.

In a typical month, you could easily spend the following:

Spending in excess

Wasteful expeditures
Money spent
Dinner at a restaurant
Cook at home
Take out at McDonalds or Wendy's
Bring snacks in the car
Take out pizza
Frozen pizza
Coffee or latte
Make coffee at home

A related Hub I wrote to save money using coupons:

Online grocery store coupons

Find online grocery stores coupons

In a previous hub I wrote, I discussed how to find online grocery stores coupons. By using these, combined with Sunday newspapers coupons, you can easily save $5-$15 a week on groceries.

That is $70 right there! For $70, you could buy enough groceries to possibly last a week, especially if you use coupons.

Save gas

It is hard to save money on gas because you do not see the actual money you are spending as you are driving. You fill up the tank, and drive for a while, then you fill back up when you are almost out. If you find ways to save money on gas, your fill ups might be less frequent.

  • Group errands and trips together.
  • Do you typically run out a few times a week to grab some groceries? To save gas, do your shopping only once a week. Buy BOGO (buy one get one) free items, so you will have enough food to last you a week or two.
  • If you need to return a rental movie, and grab a stamp -- try to group these trips together.
  • If you drive to work, run some errands during your lunch hour -- so you are not making extra driving trips and wasting gas.

Cut out cable

Do you really need to pay an extra $30-$100 a month on cable? There are so many alternatives to watching cable TV:

  • Rent movies (for FREE) at your local library
  • Play board games, like Scrabble
  • Read
  • Surf the Internet
  • Write hubs on HubPages
  • Find a hobby
  • Take a walk
  • Read up on money saving tips online
  • Go through your junk, and set aside items for a garage sale
  • Declutter your house
  • Spend time with your family
  • Get rabbit ears, and watch local TV programming

Track all of your expenses for a month

This might see like a daunting task, but if you can keep a notebook, or Excel spreadsheet, of all of you expenses each month, you will be amazed at what you are actually spending your money on, and what you can cut out the next month.

Here are some categories you can use:

  • Utility bills (phone, cable, Internet)
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Mortgage or Rent
  • Misc

If you use you credit card for all purchases, then you expenses are tracked for you!

Another hub to read on using money wisely:

Use your credit card for everything

Credit cards rewards

By using credit cards responsibly, you can reduce your ATM fees, in the event you quickly need to take out cash from an ATM other than your bank.

You can earn rewards, and dispute charges.

Shop at thrift stores

You can find some excellent bargains at Goodwill or Salvation Army. Do not be ashamed -- you can find some great quality clothes at thrift stores.

Moreover, who will know? Only if you tell folks who may ask, "Where did you get that great shirt from?" Otherwise, it is your little secret.

Would you buy clothes from a thrift store?

See results

Take Aways

I hope these tips inspire you to look for ways to save money.

$$$ It is never too late to help yourself, and help others, with ideas on how to save money. Please share your ideas on saving money below. $$$


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    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 6 years ago from United States

      Thanks Robin. I appreciate your comments. I am a huge proponent of saving gas...and helping people save money.

    • Robin Pena profile image

      Robin Pena 6 years ago from Moreno Valley, CA

      Great ideas! I love the gas saving tips! It's also a good way to catch up with people. Voted up!

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 6 years ago from United States

      john2000, I completely agree! Coupon clipping (or printing) takes a little time, but time well spent that saves us money on food.

      Thanks for reading my Hub and leaving a comment.

    • john2000 profile image

      john2000 6 years ago

      I always search for coupons before shopping its great habit which saves my money. Thanks for sharing money saving tips with us.

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 6 years ago from United States

      Mighty Mom, love your comment! Yard sales are great ways to declutter AND make money for sure. I dare you to dump your TV can spend the time writing more Hubs :)

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 6 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      Hello MarLoByDesign (got it right this time!). This hub is chock full of great ideas. Just had the yard sale, but there's more to declutter in our house. I'd LOVE to dump my DirecTV. In a heartbeat. Then I could write more hubs -- such a great point!!

      Thanks, MM

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 6 years ago from United States

      Multiman - I tend to agree with you, but I "pull the cable plug" during the summer months in the U.S.

    • profile image

      Multiman 6 years ago

      To quote Charlton Heston, they pull my cable from my cold dead hands. Other wise great suggestions.

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 6 years ago from United States

      Robertj64, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I really enjoy trying to teach people to save money! It makes me feel good to help people.

    • Robertj64 profile image

      Robertj64 6 years ago from Burlington, Ontario, Canada

      Nicely done MarloByDesign!

      I enjoyed the article and share in your many sensible ideas on how our money can be spent less excessively.

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 6 years ago from United States

      duffsmom, thank for stopping by. I totally understand where you are coming from, but why not consider not paying for TV during the summer months? Hmmm...just a thought.

    • duffsmom profile image

      P. Thorpe Christiansen 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

      Excellent ideas and a great Hub--well done. I have to admit, I'm not sure I can give up my DISH for the TV--my guilty pleasure! LOL Thanks fpr the visit and the great Hub.

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 6 years ago from United States

      sarclair - I agree! Thanks for your comments.

    • sarclair profile image

      sarclair 6 years ago

      This is a nice hub. Everyone should be frugal.

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 7 years ago from United States

      Thank you SweetMarie83 - it is 'easy' to save money if you have the time (i.e. to make your own lunch to bring to work).

    • SweetMarie83 profile image

      Marie Landry 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Great money saving tips! They're all easy things that don't amount to major sacrifices, which is what I think a lot of people have a problem with.

    • sharonsarah profile image

      sharonsarah 9 years ago

      Thanks for your wise saving tips

    • profile image

      multimastery 9 years ago

      Wise $avings Tips!