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What are your wishes if you Die-Who gets your Income Online or belongings when you Pass Away if you are divorced

Updated on June 11, 2011

When I was young the last thing I thought of was what happens to my belongings after I am gone. As I get older and start to acumulate more things the thought crosses my mind. Some people have a will, which I do not. I can remember when I was young and my mother used to talk about who gets things when she goes and I thought she was crazy. Now hear I am thinking the same things. What happens to your hubs on hubpages? I know the hubs are published forever untill they are deleted but how could someone get the money. Most people who know me do not know I write on here. Some who are closest to me do know I write but would have know idea how to collect the money if I wasnt here.

As I continue to get older I see many people dieing such as grandparents and even an uncle. I also see death on a daily basis at the nursing home where I work. One day it will be my turn. I am not leagally divorced yet as far as I know. I am still waiting for the papers in the mail so hopefully soon. I would never want anything of mine to go to my soon to be ex husband who spent years lieing and steeling from me and my children. My mother is my beneficiary on my life insurance and my work incase anything happens to me. I know my mom would take care of things. I wouldnt trust anyone else. My children are all too young at this point to leave them things as it would go to there father who I wouldnt trust to give it to them. Although my oldest daughter is 17, I do not want to give her anything till she gets rid of her looser boyfriend who uses drugs. At this point in my life I trust to leave everything to my mother to handle and hopefully she can get the income from all these hubs I have written. She has been a hard worker all her life and it would be nice if the hubs generate a good income for her years down the road.


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    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 7 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Yea but not my mom...

    • profile image

      lyjo 7 years ago

      It is very important to have someone you trust to be the Executor of your Will....I'm glad you have your mom....this is important information....everyone needs to take care of this before they die...People get greedy & stupid when it comes to money & belongings.....thanks, take good care!