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What I Spend in a Week, By a 35-Year Old Married Mother of 2 Living in Charleston, Wv

Updated on June 18, 2020

What I spend in a week for our family of 4

As a married 35 year-old mother of two from Charleston, West Virginia.

This was a trend from last year that I ran into and absolutely loved. For some reason, I am curious how people spend their money. I love to learn about different revenue streams as well, but it’s the break down of where it all goes, that interests me the most.

As a married family of four, living in a low-cost area, our numbers are a lot smaller than you would expect. West Virginia ranks second for actual purchasing power in the United States and it shows. I have lived many places, major cities, country-settings all over the country, but I have found living here probably the easiest. Costs are lower and that translates into more money to be saved and invested. Here, I get more bang for my buck.

Before I get into the daily discretionary spending, I will start with reoccurring bills that are paid at different times throughout the month. The total will just be quartered, to give a weekly total.

Fixed Expenses

Monthly Bills-Quartered for Weekly Amount

150$-Rent (3-bedroom house on ¾ acre)


112.50$-Utilities (water, sewer, natural gas, electric)

35$-Yard Maintenance (biweekly cut /April-November)


12.50$-Car Insurance

11.45$-Online schooling programs (Elephant learning, ABC mouse, Power Homeschooling)

8.75$-Phone-cell (unlimited)

2$-Microsoft Office


486.95- Total set expenses

Mom and son lunch date

Variable Weekly Expenses

Weekly Expenses

Monday: 12.33$-Gasoline top-off

3.99$-Movie rental through Youtube. (Date Night at home)

Tuesday: 78.56$-Grocery pickup (WM-consumables)

83.44$-Homeschool supplies (microscope set and art supplies)

Wednesday: 4$-Library late fees

24.25$-Milkshakes and hotdogs (Son and mom moment)

Thursday: No expenditures

Friday: 247.43$ Local Butcher (about 3 months-worth of meat)

12$-Skating and snack

Saturday: 5$-National Park and Lake Access (per carload)

Sunday: 38$- Farmer’s Market (various vendors)

12.31$- Halfway Market (garden supplies)

Total Discretionary Spending: 521.31$

Total Weekly Spending:1008.26$

What's Missing?

What you won’t usually see in my expenditures…

Coffee or drinks to-go. I bring my own coffee and I try to bring drinks from home. Grocery store prices or making them yourself will always be cheaper than convenience places.

Eating out- I usually cook all meals, or pack up picnics if we are out and about. I also meal plan weekly and try to stick to my list.

This list does not include any investments, savings, or slush/sinking funds.

Debt- You will also not see debt in my amounts, as I do not have any.

So, I am curious. What do you spend in a week and how do my numbers compare to yours?


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