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What is Learner Driver Insurance?

Updated on September 12, 2011

A learner driver is someone who is in the process of getting a driver's license, so learner driver insurance is a policy that covers them when they're behind the wheel. Teenagers in high school who are about to reach the age of 16, or whatever the legal driving age is in that state, would typically take driver's education in school. During this time, the students get what's known as a learner's permit. This allows them to legally drive a vehicle so long as a parent is with them. It gives the teens an opportunity to drive a car in a practice capacity with an experienced driver along to help teach them. It also allows them to legally drive a car while a school driving instructor is with them, such as during the trips they take during driver's education in school.

In many cases, a special learner driver insurance policy is not required for a driver who has a learner's permit and is driving only with parents or a schoolteacher in a driving education situation. The car that is used by the high school for driver's ed is highly insured and will cover other drivers and vehicles as well as the learning driver and the instructor, and damage to that vehicle in the case of an accident. As long as the driver has a valid learner's permit, which has to be obtained through the local driving services office just like a driver's license, then the insurance on that vehicle should be sufficient.

A teenage driver with a valid learner's permit who drives the family car with a parent or guardian, as is required by the learning permit, probably doesn't need special learner driver insurance, either. What the parents should do is go to the company where they already have their car insurance before the student gets the learner permit. Most likely, a simple add-on to their existing policy is all that's required. This will cover the student when he or she is driving that vehicle.

An adult who's learning to drive should talk to a car insurance company about getting a first-time insurance policy before taking lessons. Chances are that a school offering driving lessons will help you take care of this step if you need any type of special learner driver insurance before you take their lessons. They'll let you know what you need or whether or not you're covered through any of their insurance policies.


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