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What is the purpose of money?

Updated on March 14, 2016

To people who do not seem to have any or very small amount of money, it seems incredible that someone with money does not know how to manage it, because, their only problem is how to reach it. However, people who do have money certainly know how difficult it is to manage it.

There are two problems that come hand in hand with money. Either you do not know how to create it, or you do not know how to manage it. In first case, you hold a belief that you are not worthy enough to create it, and in the other case, you hold the belief that you do not deserve a standard that money allows you to achieve.

As stated, people who do not seem to have any, find it incredible that someone does not know how to manage their money, because their only problem is reaching it. However, people who do have money certainly know how difficult it is to manage it, because money is "seeking" to respect its natural course, and that it is not used for the wrong purposes. Unfortunately, most of us are not familiar with its real purpose.

Money should be used solely and exclusively to secure normal living conditions in which then we can develop and prosper, it provides you with a simple and an expanded reproduction, as Marx says. Basic standard includes food, housing, clothing and recreation, and expanded reproduction all types of investments in personal development. It is identical to an investment in business. Basic standard serves to maintain the basic, existing business standards, and expanded reproduction is investing in expansion and development of the business. The rule is that the job is to fail if it is not developing. Same applies to the individual. That is why wise and successful people constantly learn, grow and work on personal development.

Why is money slipping out of our hands?

It looks simple, and it could be simple, if we only had right motives for spending it. Firstly, most people feel guilt when being offered an amount of money. It is an unconscious belief that you do not deserve to have what you want, because you are not good enough the way you are. Therefore, money slips out of your hands, whether it is yourself carelessly spending it, or the other ones are spending it in on your behalf. This syndrome is called feeling guilty because you HAVE.

I remember reading an article on a businessman that bragged about how no one can take from him as much as he can earn. In his former country, he worked in a large factory as an innovator and has earned a good deal of money. All the money he earned he kept in a bank. Believe it or not, a clerk at the bank transferred his money to her own account, and he was left penniless. She ended up in prison, but he did not receive money from the bank, which would, logically, have to pay the damage. Again, he began working and earned even more money that was invested in the previous bank that has collapsed, along with his savings. He then decided not to save his money at the bank. This time the money was stashed in his Mercedes. One morning the man found himself stunned when he realized that his car was stolen, and along with it, the money.

I must admit that I was fascinated by how the man never asked himself why this was happening to him. Indeed, he seemed to play a major role in an interesting film in which he always wins, triumphantly stating in the newspaper: "They cannot take from me as much as I can make." Who are "they "?

This is a dramatic example of lacking money management skills, which can easily show how spending can be meaningless . Maybe it seems that this is not about spending, but simply about bad luck. You are wrong if you should blame it on bad luck, because everything that happens to your money is a result of you managing your money.

Misuse of the money

More familiar versions of the above mentioned case are when you work and make money, and your family wastes it. There are many examples of one partner working, and the other one spending. Until recently, men were the ones earning, while women consumed the benefits, but lately there is more and more women who are supporting their men. Also, many parents cannot say no to their children. I do not want to get into a psychological cause of this phenomenon, although any such case has its psychological explanation.

I shall repeat again that such cases happen for one reason and that is because of the belief that we are not good enough and we do not deserve to have what we want. Money is an intelligent energy which automatically regulates our misconceptions. Simply disappears from the hands of those who abuse it. A misuse is when you spend it out of guilt or to confirm own value.

Another example of misuse of money is stacking huge amounts of it for we fear that we will somehow run out of it. It makes as much sense as collecting fat for the fear of food disappearing, somehow running away and leaving us behind. Money is an inexhaustible source that flows constantly and cannot be spent and not regained again, unless you start to hold and create a blockage in the flow.

Financial cancer

Collecting money is harmful for several reasons. The first and most important is that in this way you are maintaining a sense of insecurity, because the more you pile up, the more it allows your own insecurity itself to grow. Second, but not less important is that in this way you create a financial cancer. The money is not in its natural function, it metastasizes and is asking to be spent. The more you collect, and squeeze, money finds a way to escape into being spent. Unfortunately, this consumption is at the expense of your own standard, which materializes as some kind of a damage. It can be a physical illness or a material loss. You need to take advantage of the messages that are being sent in those kind of situations.

The paradox is that, just conscious saving allows the flow of energy. There is a thin line in understanding the difference between conscious saving and stashing money supplies.

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All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.

— John Adams

For money is but a tool, be sure not to forget to use it!

How well do you think you are managing your finances?

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