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What Does Money Mean to You? Change Your Paradigm and Increase Your Wealth Power NOW!

Updated on March 19, 2015
Euros (credit goes to
Euros (credit goes to

What is Money?

I know it's silly for asking such a question. But this is inevitably the most important question that need to be answered now. Believe me, most people do not have the proper answer for this. And I admit that it is the same for me too, even if I'm writing this.

Definition of Money

Money is a form that universally accepted and used to exchange things or goods. It acts as the medium for everyone and anyone to have the things that they need or want without being physically involved in the production of the thing that they need. Heck, you might have already know this because this is the basic 101 taught in economics.

Money is not really a physical stuff that appears in the form of papers and coins. What the green paper that you are holding on your hand is not real money, it is just the representation of (or part of) the value that you are currently holding - the part of you. And from this value, you use to exchange thing that you need and desire.

In other words, money is just a perception that each and everybody in this world hold towards the paper that it is being represented. Money has no form and it doesn't even exist. The way human created money as an exchange form is actually a way of communication of value that we have inside us. It is a trust that all parties have agreed upon.

For example, let's say you want to buy a sports car and you give a stack of money which amounted to around ten thousand of dollars to the sales person. Do you think the sales person would give the key to you? I doubt it.

But what if instead of ten thousands, you are now giving him paper money worth of sixty thousands? He would most probably rush off and find your keys immediately. Perhaps he would be back with a cup of coffee and a cigar in hands.

Well, you might say that this is absurd, of course he wouldn't sell the car with a price tag lower than what it worths. Nobody with a sane mind will ever do that. And I'm totally agree with you.

Now, what if you are a super star and you jump into the show room and you tell that very same person that you just want to look around and yet your out-focus eyes landed upon at the elegant sports car. If the manager (or so called 'higher ranking people in monkey suit') is around he would probably pass you the key and ask you to drive it home without you paying a dime. The car company will even send a mechanic to you on the next day to show that it cares, by pretending to fix the darn problem-free car.


It's simply because you have the value inside you. Driving the sports car would boast the company images and thus, increasing the sales. And for that they give it to you free with no real money changed hands. What's a sixty grands compare to the revenue that they would generate in the future. Can you see that money is just a communication channel that being used to exchange 'darn' thing?

Now back into the barter system era, did money exist back then? It didn't, but yet human could still communicate their value by offering something else, something that's more real (thing that we could actually hold and possess) than money like corn seeds, milk, cow and etc.

If you are holding onto the money and do not spend it even one cent, does it really bring anything valuable to you? Could you live on that?

Your neighbor might call the police in the next few days only to discover that a stinky corpse is holding some funny looking green notes!

So the answer is obviously no.

Energy As Money

Money Is In The Air  (credit goes to panzerfire of devianart)
Money Is In The Air (credit goes to panzerfire of devianart)

Money is not real, it was created by human as a channel of value communication. If you go back to the world history, money did not exist during the time when the dinosaur roamed the earth. Money was created as a way of exchange and communicate.

Sciences has said that everything that exists in this world or the entire universe is made up of energy, the source that enable all things to exist (even those smelly stuffs that you release in the toilet). Now if Sciences has proven that the essence of everything is energy, wouldn't that is true for money?

The answer is yes because it is the 'universal answer' for anything and everything. Anyone could try to deny this but eventually they would be denied because no one could ever deny the truth.

I have heard most gurus (some of them have been sitting inside the caves for decades long without ever changing their clothes - doesn't smell good) said that wealth is just a matter of consciousness; the higher your wealth consciousness is, the wealthier you will be. For that wealth is just a thought away and by raising your consciousness, you are raising your value all the way up.

Consciousness is closely related to energy because both are subtle things. Now do you aware that millions or perhaps billion of dollars (in term of dollar value) fly through you every now and then. How would you think that money is transmitted from one account to another or even from one country to another?

It's just simply by pressing a button on the computer and there it goes (don't believe me? try checking with your friend that works with those blood sucking financial institutions). It get encoded into wave energy and send via some satellites or underwater cables with a decoder at the end of the other side. When the process is completed, the computer at the other end will add or change the arrangement of the binary code pertaining to the accounts of the receiver (of course the same thing happens to the sender accounts but only with the negative effect).

Did you see that those gurus are philosophically right even though they have not even seen an iPhone?

The money is always in the thin air and you can catch it if you want, but I think that would probably take a lot of resources and a very high level of consciousness to do it; at least not in the current meat-bag form you are in.

So can you see that money is energy?

Guru Meditation  (credit to thechicken of devianart)
Guru Meditation (credit to thechicken of devianart)

My guru told me this,

"When you can see that money is really nothing (at all) and yet is everything, then you are on the right path, playing the game correctly."

The most important message that I realize here is money is not part of you, it represents the value that you hold in mind or in other words, the state of being-ness you are. The more money you have literally means that the higher value that you are holding inside you; You have a high perception towards yourself and thus, it manifests in-aligned with that. The value is not a stagnant object and if you notice that I use 'are holding', it means the value can go up or down.

The money game is very simple, do not judge your value or how much you worth based on the current green notes that you have either in your hand or in the blood sucking financial institutions. If you have 10 bucks as your total asset value, that's just literally mean that you were not holding a high value of yourself or a low level of wealth consciousness that you previously held and that's a sign for you to change now.

Most people when faced by this fact would most probably start worrying and planning to go into broke. What they can see in their mind eyes is the worst case scenario that soon to happen and mind you, the reality is shaped as the observer observes it.

Anyhow money is not you and money does not really exist except as an illusion. It is the fault of human's perception that links money with power, confidence and sense of worth. These are all lies!

The society that we live in has created such a lie so that accumulation of money is more important than building up self-worth and increasing its value. The most important thing that each mind has is chasing after money.

By following this path without fixing the internal value will only set one into self-fulfilling prophecy - getting doomed.


Disclaimer: This article was written without the influences of any drugs and alcohols. However, the author does not claim that everything that ever presented here is true and solid; it is solely based on the view of an uncertified self-proclaimed (in)sane metaphysician. This article is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of this information. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the author cannot assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional.

So use it at your own risk.


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    • KenWu profile image


      8 years ago from Malaysia

      I'm a bit lost and that's why I came back to read your article again. Money is not real, I got that but we as human always trap in the money loser loop. How many of us can really start to see the future positively when the mind itself is influenced by the amount of money held in one's bank account? Don't you think that's hard?

    • KenWu profile image


      8 years ago from Malaysia

      Excellent article written in a humor way! That brightens up the day!:)

    • networkandy profile image


      8 years ago from Connecticut

      hey dude you know what I agree with you in a lot of the things you wrote on this hub.

      Many of the things you said were in the book "rich dad poor dad" I think is cool. Money is just a phisical form of what we call valuable.

      The money does not make you rich is your financial intellegence.

      That is why when many people win the lotto they lose it all and don't know how they lost it.

    • profile image

      DR. ARTFREDO C. ABELLA, Country Club Way, Whittier, Los Angeles, California 

      9 years ago

      Money for me is the representation of man's ego, his self-esteem, values and the energies which he unleashes to attain the things that he needs most and wants. It resembles his sense of dignity, his refutation, integrity and the attainment of his self-fulfilling ascents of his life towards his self-realization that the end justifies the means rather than the other way around. It is the awakening of his higher intellect to rise above his intelligence that indeed he can go forth in this earth and subdue it. It represents his bodily temple, his spirit, his elan in life as well as his holistic approach to attain and beget to what he cherishes most in this mundane world - the material, beauty, joy and spiritual aspects.

    • AlexK2009 profile image


      9 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      I understand what you are saying. Money is an illusion and a sacred excrement. It should be treated with respect and contempt.

    • metaphysician profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      I'm totally and definitely not insane. Yeap, it's quite abnormal when trying to see the truth.

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 

      9 years ago

      are you quite sure you are sane, I read this cos I would like more money.x


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