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Money Matters

Updated on June 16, 2017

The Freedom Of Money:

Money allows us to do all the things we all dream of doing, the freedom to travel the world, spend time in whatever way we choose, it free the mind of the everyday stress of how we are going to feed our families and pay the continued compilation of bills.

The Challenges Of Money:

If I had money I would do good things for people that need help, money has the power to do both good and evil, which one would you choose? Money was assigned values that our governing body has placed on it, but it is simply a piece of paper that has a powerful grasp on how we embrace the challenges of everyday existence. To remain in the comfort of the basics that get us through each month, will only limit our potential to excel personally, and financially.

Money Is A Unreliable Friend:

Money stays with us just for a moment, it always has somewhere else to go, it leaves you to go hang out with the landlord, then pays a visit the bank, and then stroll to the supermarket. Money spends most of its time traveling, it is compelled to spend. It only stays long enough to leave again.

The Power Of Money:

Empowers the greed we all have inside of us to have more of it, it corrupt us in a manner that dismisses coincidence and thoughtfulness, it allows us to go to the extreme to acquire it.


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