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Where to Live?

Updated on July 3, 2010

Can You Believe It?

Walking downtown to the gallery hop last night was quite an eye-opener. Beautiful little doll houses on G Street made me wish I was house hopping instead of gallery hopping. I really like "pockets of posh" right next to" Ewwww/scary." Makes me think that you probably need a big dog, or a high ADT fence for city living. Most streets do have a safe feel to them, but if you're gawkin at houses, kites, and big umbrellas blowing out of sidewalk cafes, be careful to watch the crossing signs. For goodness sakes ...step back from corners! Those one way streets can lull you into a "step off the curb without looking" kind of trance.

Who gets the air mattress?

Finding short-term housing in Anchorage is a little tricky. There are some hilarious stories of kids who are in Anchorage for seasonal employment. Here's a good one. Three guys from Salt Lake share an apartment. One (head honcho guy) has the bedroom. He must be like the alpha male. The next guy sleeps on the couch. The third guy sleeps on an air mattress under the dining room table.  An air mattress.. there's the guy with the best summer story.

The housing search is half the fun, half the battle, half the story of seasonal employment in Anchorage.   At least folks have plenty of daylight to read the signs.


Are the steps extra?
Are the steps extra?

Are You Kiddin?

My choice for a summer abode

Here's the place that looks best to me. My air mattress will fit, it's airy and has a view.  I'll take it.

Pocket Sized Posh


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    • profile image

      65Mustang 7 years ago

      Hey, that Ewwww/Scary looks like a potential "fixer-upper".

    • profile image

      Mr. Coyne 7 years ago

      I'll take it with you.