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Which Is the Right Kind of Traffic ?

Updated on March 11, 2010

Right Kind of Traffic

Well, most of the webmasters are well aware of the concept of backlinking and really concerned about the strategy. We all know that Traffic is the lifeblood of any type of online business you run. No matter whether you have a personal web page, commercial website, but without traffic, your website would be just another addition to the billions of pages already existing online. So, Content and traffic usually go hand by hand. But there are a lot of circumstances familiar where the site is really going profitable even without compelling content on it but having a steady stream of traffic everyday. So what we can learn from this? Traffic, most of the times, play a leading role than any other factor when it comes to online money making or business.

So getting traffic is not just enough for your online business. You should be well aware of the types of traffic. Some traffic are useless, as they end in just a mere visit. That means, you won't get even a click on your hyperlinks rather than getting product sales. Working hard for such traffic is completely pointless and that's a wastage of your time and efort. So having the ability to distinguish between the right kind of traffic, I mean profitable traffic, is the real deal if you want to make a descent income from your site. Normally, Traffic can be classified into two types.

Best Traffic Sources

Natural or Organic Traffic : As the name suggests, the only way to get natural traffic is from search engines. They are the real deal. There is no such profitable traffic other than traffic from search engines. So you need compelling content. But just make this fact a separate part at this point of time. So what you have to do is always work hard to get natural or organic traffic. Implementing right SEO strategies may help you even though it takes considerable amount of time and effort unlike Pay Per Click advertising. So as a webamster, always aim for search engine traffic, because they have the maximum potential to get you adsense clicks, product sales, page impressions and whatever it may be.

Next type of traffic comes from social networking and social bookmarking sites. It is mostly seen that beginners always aim for getting this type of traffic as they are ignorant of the fact that this traffic brings no profit to them at all. May be they would get 1 click per every 10,000 visits, also. Yes, it happens. Social networking brings readership and not profitable traffic. Realise the real potential of real traffic and always work for that.

Good Luck!!!


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    • HubMania profile image

      HubMania 7 years ago from India

      You're welcome mythbuster. Thanks for your comment here.

    • mythbuster profile image

      mythbuster 7 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Nice article - easy to understand, HubMania. Thanks for sharing this information and making it easy to read, easy to understand.