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Whiplash Injury Compensation

Updated on June 30, 2010

Filing a Claim for Whiplash Injury Compensation

Whiplash, how will you determine if your injury is related to it? It is commonly associated with vehicular accidents resulting to an array of injuries pertaining to the neck. Sudden deformity that is related or caused to the neck and other part of the body connecting to the injury is the common causes of whiplash; nevertheless, the exact mechanism that determines the injuries caused by it is still unidentified. You may need to look at the possibility of filing a claim for whiplash injury compensation if your car had an accident by getting bumped in the rear, causing pain to your neck and shoulders, including your back that sends pins and needles sensations to your arms and legs, not to mention a splitting headache.   

The injury that may cause whiplash can be acquired in many different ways. Although, motor or vehicular accidents are considered the main reason associated with whiplash injuries, there ore other incidents as well. The checklist may include horse and bicycle riding accident, work related mishap, amusement park catastrophes and slip and fall disasters. With all of these included in the list, there’s no telling whether you’ll get whiplash injury on your next skiing trip.

Suffering Whiplash Injuries

Suffering whiplash injuries may result to two types of damage indicators, short and long- lived symptoms. Short-lived symptoms are often not attributed to the damages pertaining to the neck as its pathogenic results. There are cases where symptoms are long-lived and the developments of pathological results are seen at a later date. A doctor’s professional opinion is required to prove that the symptoms are indeed related to whiplash injury. To grant you whiplash injury compensation, you will need to come up with pertinent documents and certifications that will help prove your allegations. By providing evidence that will make your whiplash or even slip and fall settlements or claim legitimate in all aspects will put a big weight that will tip the scale on your side and help win your case.

Getting Compensation from Whiplash

You can approach reputable law firms and even a negligence attorney for injury compensations to represent you in your claim. If you plan to file a claim for whiplash injury, you have three years to do it from the date of the incident. Within the three years statute, you will be required to file a lawsuit and convey the proceedings to court. Failure to do so will forfeit your chances of ever filing a claim for injury compensation associated to the accident that has caused you whiplash symptoms. 

If you don’t want to endure the complicated arena of litigations or legal proceedings, you have another option in filing a claim for whiplash injury compensation through insurance companies. However, choosing this method over court procedures will require that you study all angles and read all terms and provisions pertaining to insurance settlement claims. For example, an insurance settlement company can choose to pay your compensation in installment basis, rather than paying you with a large amount of money for one time payment. Whatever choice you make, it is important that you study it first and learn your advantages and disadvantages before making a final decision. 


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