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Who makes more money now?

Updated on March 19, 2014


Facing the Present Times

Forget about college, about what did you do in the past or what should've you done.

It all comes to - live today and make the most of it! Of course, not everyone's professions is making one's money.

Today, you go out of the door and think about it. WHO makes the most money!

Life challenges brought upon us a large variation of challenges. If it is not your job it might be your mortgage, if isn't that it might be your health issues, or could be your car payments; got spoiled a while ago, and you thought you can have all the department stores credit cards and you are doing the best, think again.

There have been many times when I was driving in town and especially around the holidays, you see the parking lots full and it's hardly anything else going on but shopping! I remember my husband saying: "here is the people spending what they don't even have!" It's the plastic! your credit card you feed your wallets and money purses with that you can hardly close it!

Don't worry, everyone learn differently; we created some discipline in the family from the very begining (of our marriage, I should say). You do NOT spend more then you can afford! So, we never had Department store cards, that was not on our menu!

Eventually some people were always qualified for loans, for their boat, cars, more junk cars, an RV, a lawn mower, an ATV, ....there were Happy times.

And, by the way, I don't think people viewed the home situation that way but, in America, we don't own a home, it's rather that we own a MORTGAGE!

Let's get back in touch with reality

Not to keep anyone in suspense any longer, I will go wright back to what this article is about.

Who makes the most money in this economy!

WOW, I thinks you might've guessed by know or NOT!

Let alone those that get bonuses and all those paid exclusive extravagant trips! Forget those that always earned more then the president!

People loose their jobs, people can not keep up with their payments, some people in desperation act weird, take bad decisions, go wild, want to attract attention...craziness is about to explode in the most unexpected places.

People need that peace of mind that will get them back to the norm and live life!

JUST TRYING to make sense of what people really need NOW!

The Answer

Clearly, people need some professional advice.

All I can think about is: who do I ask this and this question?, who can help me with some clarify in my life?

Let's look at the Lawyer's offices; booked, overbooked, overwhelmed, staying long hours, coming up with some kind of different programs; redeveloping themselves, writing books, recoding CDs, The word needs to get out there and who else is going to do it. THEY got it all. They thinks they got all the answers.

Seriously, ATTORNEYS are make the most of this situation.

...and then, there is the OTHERS.

Try book for an appointment with a Therapist, could be psycho therapist, a palm reader, an astrologist, psychic readers,... They are all busy.

WOW, look who's making the most money in this turbulent economy.

By saying this, I am referring to a BLOOM lately. Those who had great jobs or businesses that were doing fine all the time are not counted on my list.


The Answer to our Problems

Still, who cares who's making money or who's getting more reach!???? correct!

We want to know the resolution to our problems, we want to be liberated! That the greatest thing you can aim for; that is very healthy idea of living a wonderful life!

The question is: Why not many turn to God? It seems he has all the answers to any problem might arise in your life. no, I know he has all the solutions for our difficult times, WE have to turn around and ask Him to be the only guidance in our lives. WE have to open our heart to listen and follow.


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