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Mommy, where does money come from?

Updated on June 20, 2017
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Robin Olsen holds a Computer Information Systems and an active and vigorous sense of curiosity and imagination.

Most central banks appear public, but they are not really public - they have private owners
Most central banks appear public, but they are not really public - they have private owners

Where does money come from?

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Ever ponder where that $20 dollar bill came from as you are handing it over to the clerk for some small (and getting smaller) piece of merchandise?

We can all come up with the snap answer. The government prints it right? Well, in most countries, this is actually wrong. Take the US for example. The Federal Reserve bank - a privately owned and operated financial institution, prints money and then loans it at interest to the US government who then puts it into circulation. The central banks of Europe are all like this as well and the world bank.

How tolerant would you be of workplace mistreatment if you had no debt?

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Money = Debt

What this means is that the money has debt attached to it before it even gets into circulation. This type of system can only lead to collapse and financial disaster as the ever mounting debt cannot be paid off as every time you print a 1 dollar bill it actually COSTS you $1.25. Where does the money come from to cover off the extra quarter per dollar? The government BORROW it from the federal reserve, thus increasing the debt load with each new dollar created. This debt CANNOT be paid off at all regardless of economic policy as the money is created with debt pre-attached. In order to pay off the national debt would require all the money currently in circulation and that would still not be enough to pay it all off.

This means that all the money you earn already has debt attached to it before it even gets to your pocket. Why does this matter? Well, who is responsible for national debt? We are! The taxpayers are!

How many of you are still under the mistaken assumption that your taxes go to pay off programs for the poor, infrastructure, healthcare, etc.? They don't, in most western countries taxes go towards paying off the interest on the national debt and the national governments borrow money from their respective central banks in order to cover the social programs and infrastructure of a nation. Eventually the debt becomes more than the taxable people of a nation state can handle and you get a collapse. This is what happened in Greece and Portugal and Ireland and is in the cards for Spain and Italy and a host of other European countries.

Saving money won't help as the value of each dollar is devalued as the collapse approaches (this is happening in the USA right now) thus wiping out regular savings and most investment funds. This includes your pension plans as they are simply investment accounts like any other.

So, no matter how hard we work or how much we save we will not get any further ahead as the debt load on the nation state continues to grow and cannot be reduced under the current central banking system. In other words, the money is NOT yours, never was. It is only LOANED to you and your taxes are the interest you pay on that loan. Even though you earned the money, even though you exchanged sweat and services for the money it is NOT yours it is ONLY a loan.

Money is the modern version of slave chains
Money is the modern version of slave chains

We spend the majority of our lives doing what we have to do instead of what we want to do.

Is debt the only reason you are working today?

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Debt = Slavery

Where does it end? Well the equation is simple; Debt = Slavery. I'm sure we have all heard the term 'wage slave'.

Anyone who owes money for a home or a car loan or credit cards is, in essence, a slave as they cannot stop working as they owe WAY too much money and have gotten quite comfortable with their lifestyle and all the 'things' that come with it. Employers know this which is why any employer loves to hire people in debt as they shut up and do exactly what they are told regardless of what that is usually as they need the money.

That is the path to our enslavement, money.

You work for it, you earn it, you save it, you spend it but it is NOT your money.

All the central banks in the world as well as the World bank are owned by less than 1% of the population.

World bank's map of the world...
World bank's map of the world...

Time for a change but be careful

Changing this system will not be done easily. Presidents have been assassinated just for suggesting it in the past. The 1% who control the vast bulk of money in this world are very comfortable in their positions and will not willingly give them up.

They use threats, deception and even murder to keep themselves at the top of the heap and any nation that opposes this monetary system seems to very quickly find itself in a war.

In the end it will be us (The average middle class citizen) who will pay the ultimate price for this type of system as the government generated debt resulting from this type of banking is entirely left to the middle class to pay off. Even when the banks start to buckle under the weight of the debt they themselves generated, it is us who bails them out through taxation.

It's a bad system and it is how we are kept enslaved today in a world where putting a physical chain on our ankles would not go over very well. Chains come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and do not always look like chains.

We do not have to be slaves to their money.

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© 2012 Robin Olsen


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    • aguasilver profile image

      John Harper 10 months ago from Malaga, Spain

      Excellent appraisal, the only way to change this would be to collapse the system by stopping consuming, and if people just stopped spending money on non essentials, bought the essentials from small traders rather than global brands, and cooked fresh produce from farmers not food processors, not only would their health improve, but the global elite would implode in a short time.

      55 Central Banks control something like 1400 transglobal corporations who in turn own 35,000 global corporations, which control 60% of the worlds trade.

      Stopping this will be painful, but the choice is to stop them with our frugality and common sense, or be ruled when they decide to pull the plug and call in their debts, when we become slaves for real.

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 11 months ago from Northern California, USA

      I use to own a mortgage company, so I can attest to all that you have shared here. You are absolutely right in the fact the average citizen will forever suffer because of money.