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Why I Did Not Buy Matt Driscoll’s My Online Business System or Matt Lloyd

Updated on January 17, 2015
Claims $500 to just watch the video. :|
Claims $500 to just watch the video. :| | Source

THEAMERICANWRITER - Jan. 14, 2015 | 23:28 CST

PERTH, Western Australia - Doing a search today for opportunities through Google, I came across a "My Online Business" website about a money-making system by Matt's Driscoll (another name that pops up is Matt Lloyd). I'm not sure if these are two different people or what; Matt Lloyd is said to be from Australia (the creator of MTTBSystem that Myonlinebusiness is promoting) and after some whois and dns research on domain and connecting the dots, it appears that he (Matt Lloyd) is from Australia. While Matt Driscoll claims in the video to be from Castle, PA, but lives in San Diego, CA -- both places in the USA not Australia. So could be two different people. However, they could easily still be the same person (the owner of the MTTbsystem). People tend to use aliases online. So there's no telling. You decide that one. I, personally, couldn't careless since I won't be buying into Matt's system (Lloyd nor Driscoll).

Nevertheless, I was curious as to what it had to offer seeing it has a bold $500 to watch this video to the end message at the top of its page. I didn't have anything else to do so decided to watch it to see if it were a valid offer just for watching the video.

I found myself dozing off during the video. It was extremely boring. I actually ended up not watching it all. I fell asleep about 60% of the way through. I did eventually wake up, and decided against finishing it. My issues with their offer/video are shown below.

The Photos

The photos shown looked like stock images or photos. None of them looked natural. I do web development for a living and one of the things clients want are images from Look around on their site and if you do enough work using stock images, you'll find yourself spotting them out on sales pages, including stock video clips, too. iStockphoto has those, too, and not just images. So that's one of the things I notice when landing on sales pages. Therefore, don't give too much weight to the images they plaster everywhere to try to sell you. This "My Business Online by Matt" was no exception.

Odd Statements

Also, some of the statements in the video were odd, like how the male voice says and I'm paraphrasing, you make little but he makes more. The part where he was talking about his 50 million dollar goal. I was like now why would someone say something like that on a sales video?!

The Disclaimer

The "disclaimer" at the bottom of their page says some of the people in the video might be actors. And that wasn't surprising as none of them sounded like it was their own testimonial. It sounded like they were reading -- bad acting anyone?! I started to think they had hired people off of Fiverr. Yea, you can pay someone a quick $5 for a testimonial. So knowing that information, I can't give too much weight to testimonials on sales pages either. I simply do not listen to anything they have to say -- literally. Though the people are real, the disclaimer does not confirm if the testimonials are real. So that tells me that the testimonials are likely fake done by real people.

Claims to use actors and claims no income guarantee, but the video clearly and boldly states you are guaranteed to make money. Smh.
Claims to use actors and claims no income guarantee, but the video clearly and boldly states you are guaranteed to make money. Smh. | Source

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Claimed Earnings Not Consistent

The male voiceover mentioned something about how he makes $6.5 million or $6.8 million and then later in the video he changes that to some 2-digit million dollar range as if he forgot he already told the viewers that he's made $6.8 million.

Questioning the $500 Claim to Just Watch the Video

But I tried to continue to listen for the sake of the $500 claim to just watch the video to the end. They totally lost my interest when the video claims you get $500 if you don't make any money within 30 days. So I started to wonder if the $500 to watch the video just meant that.

6-Steps Claim Turned Into 21-Steps at the End

Oh and another thing that turned me off. I went ahead and ditched the video, and clicked the link just curious what payment processor was being used by this guy. On the page I was redirected to a domain, where the claim from 6-step system spiked to a 21-step system. :| What happened to just 6 steps the video kept mentioning as a selling point? Your guess is as good as mine. Smh.

That was the end of that.

Network Solutions Whois Domain Search

Doing some due diligence really doesn't take a lot of time. It's rather quick. I typically go into whois searches to see who owns the domain and location, which can be done at network solutions. I check the DNS if they have a private listing and typically the server it's on is not a private listing. Sometimes the link is actually the site owners own server. And from there you can do a whois check on that domain (not the dns, just the domain part). So this was partially what I do to help fact check to some extent and I point out my findings. It really only takes a minute to do, which is what I've done on the sites talked about in this article.

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