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Why I Love The CapitalOne360 360 Checking Account

Updated on April 8, 2014

CapitalOne360's 360 Checking is a great, 100% fee free online checking account that earns a tiered interest rate. There are absolutely no fees and the account comes with a MasterCard debit card that can be used to withdraw funds at convenient ATMs throughout the country with zero fees! You can fund your account by transferring money electronically from your linked checking account(s), you can snap a picture of the check using your CapitalOne app on your mobile phone, or you can mail in a deposit. This article contains the various benefits of CapitalOne360's online checking account.

360 Checking Benefits

Free Bill Pay

CapitalOne 360 offers free bill payment to its 360 Checking members. You can make payments and manage your bills online by going to the Bill Pay section. The free Bill Pay will allows you to add a bill and pay it online either electronically or via a paper check, which will be mailed for you by CapitalOne360 free of charge. Bill pay will store all of the information about any vendor, service provider, utility, or acquaintance who bills you; therefore, the next time a payment needs to be made, all of the information (address, account number, etc...) will already be stored for you, thus making it easier to manage your bills.

Person to Person Payment

You can send payments directly to another person's bank account using CapitalOne 360's P2P Payment. Go to the P2P Payment section of your 360 Checking Account, you will need the recipient's email address and account information (account number and routing number of the bank). You then put in the amount, who to, and any comments and can set up the P2P Payment for immediately or schedule it for a future date. The P2P Payment will deposit directly into the recipient's bank account.

Mail a Check

You can mail checks to anyone you wish using an 360 Checking Account. Go to the Mail a Check section of your 360 Checking Account and you will see a check online. Fill out the date you want it mailed, who it should be paid to, the amount, and the memo line. You will then be prompted to put in the recipient's address. That's it. CapitalOne 360 will mail the check for you!

Overnight a Check

Need to overnight a check? No problem. CapitalOne 360 will send an expedited check via overnight courier for just $20. Go to the Overnight a Check section of your 360 Checking Account and follow the same steps as for Mail a Check. Be sure to submit your request before 2 PM ET on a bank business day to have it sent on the same day. Deliveries are not made on weekends or holidays.

Debit MasterCard

CapitalOne 360 also offers a free debit MasterCard with a $1,000 overdraft protection. You can use the card as a regular debit or MasterCard. You may also use the debit card to withdraw money without any fees from your CapitalOne 360 account on any of the conveniently located Allpoint ATMs across the country. You can find a free ATM by using the CapitalOne 360 free ATM locator.

CapitalOne 360 Savings Account

In addition to being one of the few banks that offers a completely free checking account with interest, CapitalOne 360 also offers a savings account with competitive interest rates. You can open more than one CapitalOne 360 savings account within your main account and use these subaccounts to manage your finances.

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