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Why Most People Are Unable To Make Money Online?

Updated on February 9, 2020

Not Making Any Money Online?

Left, right and centre people are quitting their jobs and jumping on the entrepreneur, laptop lifestyle and work from home jobs bandwagon so that they can gain back control of their life and time.

You're looking at all of these people and getting excited because this is what you want and you're going to copy and paste what they're doing but, as amazing as it is to see other people smashing their goals and getting all these mind-blowing results you might not even get anywhere near.

There are a lot of reasons for why you might not get the results that the people you look up to are getting but I'm just going to be exploring a few of the main ones that really hinder your chances of succeeding at creating an income in the non-traditional way.

Before we jump into the list I want to remind you that all the successful people you see now and look up to put in a lot of hard work initially and it took them a lot of time and effort to get where they are now and what you see of their glamorous life. So, know that to get where they are today you'll have to put in a lot of your time and energy into building an income stream for yourself with the uncertainty of whether you'll succeed or not. The doubts will never end what matters is whether you are going to keep going and putting your all in even with those doubts and fears.

With that out of the way let's jump into the list:

There Are Just Too Many Options Of Making Money Online

As the online community of making money online has grown so has the various ways to make money and the different outlets, one search of how to make money online can bring up hundreds of thousands of ways.

This bombardment of information can overwhelm people who are simply left more confused than they were before researching. They just don't understand where to start and what would be the best for them especially if they don't know much or anything at all about those ways of making an income online. The initial overwhelmed feeling can be discouraging and can put off people before they even get started.

One way to overcome this would be to remain persistent just like you would when searching for a job and take your time to take it all in and trying to understand just what all these different 'online jobs' are- then pick a few you like the sound of and research what kind of work they require and anything else that is important to you- the scope of income, can it be passive, is the work something you already do or will you need to learn it from scratch.

I published this article 'Skills That Can Make You Money' which gives you some ideas on what sort of jobs you can do online to start making money. Check it out for some ideas.

People Are Lazy

It is just as simple as that, people are simply too lazy to research and find ways to make money online. They simply want a step by step guide that will guarantee them success on how to make money online, these kinds of people don't want to put in any amount of effort and a reason for this might be their fear of wasting time because they are almost certain that they will fail.

Well, nobody has ever gotten anywhere without trying and attempting so if you are one of those people who believes that the end to it would simply be failure than success then I encourage you to not think of it in terms of succeeding or failing but rather see it as an experience and as a way to grow yourself and take it as an opportunity to try something new.

You don't have to do it all in one day, week, month or even a year, take as much time as you need. Take small but consistent steps each day and it won't feel like a ton of your energy is being put into this.

Making An Income Online Is Taking Longer Than They Expected

Most people quit too early in the game, they don't see results in one day, week, month or even year and they simply lose hope and motivation they came in with just as quick. Even though most articles that tell you about making money online make it very clear that it will take time and the results will not be as quick to come as one hopes people are still discouraged and just don't have enough persistence to keep going.

I'm not going to lie, this was exactly me with hubpages- my adsence was taking forever to get approved and I thought it just was a waste of my time but after taking small steps each day I was able to get my motivation back and gave myself the challenge to do something every day no matter how small because there are other rewards and not just monetary that I am getting out of this- marketing experience, writing portfolio, the ability to create something that will be passive because work for nothing now will hopefully mean a lot of reward in the long run.

So, what I would say to you is even though it's difficult think about the long run instead of the short run even if you started the journey of making money online for being able to do something in the short run e.g quit a job you just don't like anymore.

Show the same persistence with creating an income online that you embody when looking for a job and applying to countless job applications with the powerful positive energy, it can take months to find a job and people keep going. It's the same with building an income online- you need to keep going till you get where you envisioned.

They Focus On More Than One Way To Make Money Online

Creating an income online can cause many doubts and fear of wasting time for gaining nothing in return thus people like to go for many things at once, they will start a blog, youtube channel, virtual assistant and what not. By focusing on more than one thing to make an income online it distributes your attention and energy which means you are giving the bare minimum to each 'online job' thus the time it takes to get result will take longer and you will burn out faster leading to you just giving up everything.

It is basically setting you up to fail if you dip your toes into everything, it is simply too difficult for you to do the best you can if you have 5 other things going on at the same time so even though it might scare you just stick to one thing and if the thought of that is too frightening then pick two and focus your time and effort on that.

They Believe In 'If You Build It, Then They Will Come'

By just putting your work out there for the world to view and hoping that it would make you money is just wishful thinking, by putting out a few blogs or videos or pictures will not do anything to make you money instead you will be waiting around forever.

So, have the right mindset when you are setting up your online income making journey. Have a marketing strategy in plan, have a content plan and a list of ideas ready to go when you are unable to think of any and keep posting content frequently, a few pieces of content will simply be not enough.

You need to focus on working on both quality and quantity, as much as quality is vital so is quantity. Your audience will not trust you if they only see a few pieces of content, you need to provide them with something consistently for them to trust that you will stick around and this will show that you are serious and then you will start to see the money rolling in.

© 2019 Huma Ikbal


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