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Why No One Should Buy Long Term Freeze Dried Food-Not Even Preppers

Updated on March 3, 2013

So to those that have read my previous writings, I am a bit of a prepper. Went through Hurricane Katrina and learned my lesson. At 21 and carefree I never thought anything like that and for as long as it lasted, would happen to me, well it did. Two days after the storm I was lucky enough to find a store that was getting in a truck and I waited 18 hours in line to buy some goods. Needless to say, not going to happen to this chick again, so I like to keep at least 6 months worth of food put up.

So here is the problem, Prepping has become this big business since National Geographic’s show came about, so here is the deal, don’t ever ever buy those freeze dried long term storage foods that will cost you an arm and a leg and quite frankly taste like crap. Maybe if you just have too much money that you feel to waste it or you are a person that just can’t cook, maybe.

So here is why you should not buy those freeze dried high dollar foods.

1. Did I mention most of them taste like dog food?

2. Did I mention price? The cheapest I could find was about 2.50 a serving, so quick math for a four person family is about 10 dollars a meal, 30 dollars a day.

3. Your kids will hate them. My four year old is a food critic and he will not touch the food. He will eat about anything, but won’t even try the mixed mashed mess that is freeze dried food.

4. You will need so much more water with this type of food storage, because you need it to cook it and not to mention, the food is void of any water which is where we would usually get it from. This is why people have to get 1000 gallon water tanks, so much for saving space huh.

5. It is not a space saver- with all the water you will need, seriously where are you going to put it.

6. It may not last as long as it says. Many customers that buy the buckets for thousands of dollars report that the pouches themselves are open and just opening the bucket compromises the length of time.

7. You will not use it unless the mad max scenario hits. Never buy things that are what if, if you won’t use them, don’t buy them. True you can look at it as a food insurance, but really, buy stuff you will actually use.

8. Have you looked at the nutritional aspects, you are better to get some cereal and tang.

So what is better, to me, canned food is an awesome prep. Not only is it more palatable, but it has all that wonderful water in it. You do not need to keep all that water and most canned food can be used in a daily cooking. Bean and rice are a preppers staple because well they last 10-30 years just the way they are, not to mention they are healthy and cheap. They can be used in many recipe from chocolate brownie with black beans, chili and so many casseroles with rice. For more thoughts and sensible ideas to guarantee your families comfort and survival no matter what , check out the article below. It covers everything from gardening to low cost preps that can really help you. But above all, learning and knowledge is power, especially when it is all free on this great internet.

Also, try some of these long term food storage foods, most will offer free samples or for a small fee will happily send you a sample pack.

Or better yet, learn to do some dehydrating and canning yourself. You can dehydrate foods that are about to go bad, instead of freezing to really extend the shelf life, while saving from waste. There is a Youtube channer called BexarPrepper that has over 180 videos that will give you all the basics and recipes for dehydrated and canning. Good Luck!


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    • ajwrites57 profile image


      5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      OMG--now what am I going to do with my vat of 60 Serving Gourmet Freeze Dried Meats? jk! ya this stuff is big business. I think you recommend the right approach. Just buy lots of what you will eat now. Good advice!

      Does the four year old food critic have his own food blog? :)


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