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Why Should I Buy Silver Coins On Ebay?

Updated on November 20, 2012

Silver Bars

Beautiful silver bars!
Beautiful silver bars! | Source

Ebay Is The Best Place To Buy Silver

There are many reasons to invest in silver but it can sometimes be difficult to know where the best place is to buy it. Ever since Ebay came along, this has become a non issue. Ebay is now, without a doubt, the best place to buy silver in any form. Here are a number of reasons why I believe you should shop on Ebay if you are looking to invest n silver.

You Get The Best Deals

The best deals for silver will always be found on Ebay. For whatever reason, you can often find junk silver for well below melt value. Most of this can be attributed to lack of knowledge by the seller, or a poor description, or perhaps very bad pictures. You can find some amazingly cheap deals if you rummage through and are patient. If you go to a coin shop, you will pay more. If you go to an online site you will pay more and have to pay shipping too! Ebay is king on the price.

You Can Find Rare Coins

You can find rare coins hidden in a pile of 90% junk. I have found fairly valuable mercury dimes and early Washington quarters before. Some sellers don't know what they have and don't care what they have. They need the money and are selling the coins for their silver content. The more professional a seller they are, the less likely it will be to find coins like this, so you ideally want to buy from a seller who very rarely if ever has listed any junk silver. You will never find rare coins from a 90% lot of junk silver from a coin shop! You will never find them at a coin show, or an online site either. On Ebay, people have even gotten antique gold coins for silver prices in mixed coin lots. Believe it!

Here's a silver haul I had from a thrift shop

There Is Infinite Selection

On Ebay you can find anything. You can find any date, condition, rarity, or country of silver coins or bars. If it exists, it will be on Ebay. Coin shops, and online shops will be much more limited on selection. If you are at a coin show, you will definitely see a lot of selection, but Ebay will always have more, and their prices will on average be cheaper. You can find any coin from any country or any size bar from any make. Some people are very particular with bars, and understandably so. I only buy bars direct from a company that makes them due to unbelievable counterfeit operations out there today. I would not recommend buying 100 oz bars on Ebay due to their likelihood of being counterfeit!

You Can Buy Fractional Silver

You can buy fractional silver on Ebay but probably not anywhere else. Since Ebay is such a free marketplace and you can find anything, you can even find fractional silver bars. Although I wouldn't consider them bars, you can even find 1 gram pieces! You probably won't find them anywhere else! I strongly encourage you do buy silver dimes if you are looking to go with fractional silver however, as there is never a premium to pay, and their purity is a sure thing. Regardless, fractional silver pieces are interesting and fairly rare. Some people like to collect them due to their uniqueness and rarity, and Ebay is the best place to go to get them!

I love silver quarters!
I love silver quarters! | Source

Easy Returns

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, returning an item is effortless. You may receive an item and then decide it is not what you wanted, or that the item is defective. Ebay has an extremely unreasonable return policy that is brutal to sellers, but that always favors the buyer. You will not find any return policy as ridiculous, short of Amazon, and it is only because the sellers are 3rd party sellers. Return policies will be much more strict if even available at a coin shop or an online shop, and they are definitely not refundable at a coin show after you leave for the day! Ebay is king with this aspect of buying.

I hope you enjoyed this hub! If you liked it would you subscribe for more? Do you love treasure hunting, selling on Ebay, or just learning about cool vintage stuff? Check out my youtube channel for tons of videos about my adventures and hauls as well as tips, tricks, and countless bits of information!

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I enjoyed the article.


    • PickingProfits profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      If you are looking for silver, then absolutely Ebay the best. That is where I have bought any coins that I have. You can have fun just searching for rare coins and then re sell the ones you don't care for when the price goes up.

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      6 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      So are you sort of implying that one should take a chance and buy coins on E-Bay since it is so easy to return them?

    • PickingProfits profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks! I have found some nice coins before. I am always hesitant on Ebay when it comes to bars, so I usually go to because they have free shipping and low premiums. I have also noticed the the price of physical silver on ebay falls much slower when the price of silver drops.

    • bankscottage profile image


      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Good Advice. I bought couple of $100 bags of Morgan Dollars (they actually came in tubes) a few years ago on EBay. I bought for the silver value but when the coins arrived, I was surprised at the quality of the coins. I know I would not have gotten that good of price at a coin store. If you can afford it, I found that the larger quantity of coins had fewer bidders and I got a much better price per coin.

      I don't check eBay regularly but I did notice that, by the nature of a several day to weeks auctions, the prices seemed to be better in a rising market than a falling one. For a falling market the minimums were set at a higher price and weren't (couldn't be) adjusted down. The opposite was true for a rising market so I got better prices then.

      Voted up, interesting and useful.


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